Doodle Noodles Derivative

Hello Doodles Community! My name is Ethan (#1970) I am the creator of a derivative project and would for a chance for everyone to hear our project story. I wrote a proposal and a glimpse of the project timeline in hopes that we can have the Doodle Community’s approval.

We are open with all three ears to hear everyone’s feedback and suggestions. I hope we can bring this project to life. Thank you and I appreciate everyone for their time!


Very nice art, love the idea and the proposal, looking forward to the voting.


Thank you Ethan & Justin for taking your appreciation of Doodles to the next level. I like the simplicity of the artwork and of course, that Burnt Toast color palette. Regardless of how the discussion pans out, I wish the both of you the very best of success for your NFT project. You guys made it happen!

For discussion:

  1. I’m wondering if the community needs to be separate if it’s meant to have the same vibe/ overlap in members. For instance, Doodlers who hold both DN and Doodles might have to interact across 2 discord servers with a potential overlap of members. Would it create unnecessary tension?

  2. What would be the desired outcome of this proposal? This part isn’t clear.

  • Recognition as an ‘official’ derivative project by way of community vote? ‘Doodles certified’
  • An invitation to doodlers to participate in the free mint / discussion on a mechanism to make it fair should doodlers choose to support (2000 slots means less than 1/2 doodlers)?
  • Approval from the community to launch a new discord channel and invitation to doodlers to join for feedback and suggestions?

thank you!


Thank you HALFSHADOW! We appreciate you!

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Thank you ayhth! We appreciate you for taking your time to read the document and writing back! Sorry for a late reply, I was in the midst of roasting coffee.

First and foremost, we value inclusivity and positivity. I think Doodles Community embodies and champions those values very thoroughly and the proof is in the Discord. Although the common interest heavily intertwines, our project is ultimately its’ own stand-alone art derivative created by Justin and I. We would prefer to have interactions and conversations solely about our art derivative in our own community. Vice-versa, I think an influx of Doodle Noodles chat in the Doodles Discord would create a lot of excess noise that strays away from their Treasury objectives.

Doodles will always remain the original. But, to reiterate again, we are not affiliated and associated with the Doodles Team, as we do not want to disrupt, nor do we want to potentially bring any negative vibes to their project. We view the derivative as a humorous companion or an addition to new and existing collections.

Thank you for pointing out the ambiguity of our desired outcome. We turned a spontaneous “What if?” into whimsical, funny art derivative, so be quite honest, we simply just want the community to have an opportunity to own a part of our humor. The three points you’ve mentioned are exactly what was intended for our thread post.

  • To receive the “green light,” via community vote and to move forward with our project upon the recognition of Doodles Creators and the community. We believe that derivatives are the norms nowadays, most over-promising and under-delivering. But we want to be clear of our motive and acknowledge the DoodleBank by setting a precedent of reaching out to the community prior to launching any derivative project.

I understand that 2,000 reserved slots are less than half of Doodlers, but our team feels that it is an adequate amount to include original Doodlers and to invite NFT newcomers into the space. Since the start of our derivative project, we have met many new friends and acquaintances who are entering the space. We believe that we are at the very tip of the iceberg. The influx of new NFTs, if done right, would create a larger NFT community in a macro-level.


Hi everyone! I’m Justin, co-creator of Doodle Noodles. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for taking the time to read the doc!

As Ethan stated, we are simply here to co-exist and bring more value and excitement to the Doodle Community. We are both Doodle holders ( #2357 & #350) and the Doodles project and community have been our favorite NFT community thus far. I hope you guys enjoy the art and project as much as we enjoyed creating it!


These look cute! Very fun!


Thank you @ghoul ! I understand your points. Do share your discord when it’s up :slight_smile:


Absolutely! Thank you again @ayhth :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We have opened our Discord, but we have yet to promote or move forward with the project until we have the support of more Doodlers. We currently have 4-5 Doodlers who are verified in our Discord, hopefully we can receive more feedback and support.

I have also reached out to Tulip via DM on Twitter, hopefully he will get back to me after their trip.

I’ve asserted that we are willing to make any changes or accept any conditions in order for us to comply with TOS and we welcome the direction and guidance for us to launch our derivative. We’re not seeking any type of endorsement but rather an “OK” for us to create our community and grow organically.


this is fireeeeeee! loving the proposal to add to the OG doodles’ mission, but most importantly loving the art <3


Thank you for taking the time to share a thorough preliminary proposal. I appreciate your commitment to transparency.

We drafted these guidelines for proposing doodlebank-supported derivative projects and some was inspired by your asks. Please review to ensure you aren’t missing anything. It’ll help us speed up this process.

My only concerns here are

  1. How can you ensure the safety of our community. Will the Founders get to review your tech stack prior to shipping, launch control checklist for deployment, how you plan on securing the keys, when/how funds are transferred to doodlebank and if they are done so in an mutually agreed upon and immutable way.

  2. Branding. Let’s me first be clear, I love Noodles. are you open to suggestions from us on how to keep a healthy and reasonable distance between our projects. I would recommend Noodles as opposed to Doodles. IMO and in full transparency, this reduces future confusion in the NFT ecosystem


Thank you @Poopie ! Hearing your praise is heartwarming. Our goal was to help set the precedent for creating and launching Doodles derivatives properly. I am glad that you are giving derivatives an opportunity to exist. Giving back to the Treasury, providing Doodlers with perks and being transparent has always been our main objectives in upholding integrity.

We will compile and finalize a complete proposal of everything that was discussed in this thread.

We are more than happy to allow the Founders to review anything they deem necessary pre- and post- launch. We believe that Doodles will remain prominent for many years to come and we will be proud to potentially have a place alongside the project as an “Unofficial Doodrivative” (s/o Bitty). Therefore, we will precisely and carefully plan our launch strategy and relay any information back to the Founders. One idea for ensuring a fair distribution of funds is through a multi-sig wallet that will be connected to receive OpenSea royalties. Currently the Noodles team is in discussion on an exact percentage of royalties ranging from 50%-100%. In the case of an agreement for 100%, we would simply place the Treasury address.

We are open to any guidance, corrections, and suggestions made by the Founders during every step of our project. We will continue to make it very clear that we are derived from Doodles but we are not associated with the team in any manner. Should our communities mix, we will continue to uphold that notion. I agree on changing our name to Noodles as we have already been refraining from using Doodles in our Discord to avoid confusion. If there are any other suggestions regarding branding, please let us know. It will take some time for us to change our assets to Noodles, but we will get on it!

We will get to back to work now that we are aware of what is expected from us. Let’s turn this inside joke into reality. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thank you again and kind regards from Noodles.


Revised proposal here: Noodles Derivative (Formal Proposal)