Doodle Online Merch Storefront / TOYS

I think many of us have expressed over the past weeks a desire to bring our Doods to meatspace, whether it’s through clothing, toys/figures, coffee mugs etc…

An eComm presence would not only serve as another income stream from our existing base (building more community / excitement while growing our treasury) but also as additional marketing in our IRL lives (“Cute toy on your desk… where’d you get that?”).

Easier to get up and running. Prints on Tees, potentially some patches. Proof of concept / early sales volume to see if viable.

Burnt Toast already has a similar storefront that I (and others) have considered or have already purchased merch from so I would imagine it is not difficult to set up on Shopify / find suppliers for -

More difficult to execute on, but I think carries more legs in terms of scaling if done properly. IMO, Doodles definitely has the potential to scale into the pantheon of GOAT premium toy collectibles for all ages/adults like Bearbricks, Kaws Figures, Funkopop etc and become a collectible pop-culture staple outside of just our online community.

Given Tulip’s involvement with Disney, Hasbro etc. there may already be some connections that could streamline merchandising / toys development (but don’t want to assume).

Having the supply chain & pipeline built for physical products also opens up the door for internal contests within the community (imagine winning a 1-foot tall toy of your custom Dood) as well as scaling to the masses if/when we decide to (Dedicated physical Doods toy store or stocked in other retail stores).

IMO, should be a relatively affordable and easy lift to implement PHASE 1 in a short time frame and would be a huge win for the community and proof of the power of community crowd-sourced progression funded by our treasury. PHASE 2 will likely take more time to get right, but I think we have the resources/connections to execute.

Likely a Stacks project <10ETH to begin with and potentially self-sustaining from merch sales.


I’m into this, (and posted a Merch store proposal for less money already). I wonder how you combine threads.

I’m much more interested in Polo’s, Hoodies, and nice jackets then Tshirts.

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Love the idea! In a previous life, I managed the relationship between Chinese toy manufacturers and retailers across North and Latin America (Target, Walmart, etc.).

Those types of customers might not be the right channels for physical Doodles… but all to say that I’m open and willing to be helpful here in brainstorming further and also reaching out to toy buyers to get feedback. <3

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This is a good idea, doodles should start with merch. Then when there consistent sales, it should expand into the toy industry. Toys capture kids and adults alike. People will buy to keep the inner kid happy (ex. I would buy for my son and for me), it would be a family type affair that would create memories.

@tulip has some thoughts on a lean merch release. i’ll let him speak on behalf of us founders.

While I’m here, I want to reiterate our focus in the vision post. We want to partner with the best companies that can help us do the heavy lifting in these areas like merchandising. We also want to brand-build and introduce new audiences to the Doodles before we allocate significant resources into merchandising. I believe that comes before the merchandising bit but this is only my opinion.



Merchandise is a core part of the founders’ vision for sure.

We’re working behind the scenes on official brand partnerships.

I think we first serve doodles holders — with exclusive drops and small batch luxury goods.

Then we cast our net wider for mainstream w/ products like shopify, etc.

Hope this helps.


Love this idea! Let’s get the Doodles out there looking fresh!

After I browser doodles merch, I notice that why don’t we make enamel pins?

The forte of enamel pins includes delicate identification, lucrative profit, and easy decorating on T-shirts, jackets, hats, and bags.

If interested, I can help with that. My family business is manufacturing pins and others customized metal merch.
We are based in Taiwan, Tapei.

Here is some example.

The cool cats and BAYC pins are one of my products.

please feel free to reach me. :slight_smile: /


U can have Doodles at the amazing Snowfields prime location stores in NYC and Miami . Creating a space for Doodles for 9 months experience. This store has the top most exciting brands.

I made my doodles’ pins. :slight_smile:

Different texture !