Doodle share your skills!

Kicking off a thread for Doodlers to reply with their skills and areas where they would like to contribute! :rainbow:

We have a number of good idea threads going, with folks reaching out to each other both on forums as well as in Discord for feedback on a number of topics. :slightly_smiling_face:Some of these feedback or discussion asks may be best served by reaching out to Doodlers with specific areas of expertise or experience. :face_with_monocle:

skill list

  • Artist (stills/motion) :art:
  • Builder/Coder/Developer :desktop_computer:
  • Community organization :busts_in_silhouette:
  • Finance/Accounting :moneybag:
  • Marketing :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • Music :musical_note:
  • Partnerships :handshake:

Please reply to this thread with the following points and help other Doodlers find you so we can coordinate in building together!

  1. Area of expertise … (do try to pick from above if in the list, or from existing replies; if it isn’t there, then please create a new one in your reply :sparkles:)

  2. Areas of interest (optional) … these are areas where you are especially interested in and have capacity for collaborating, which may be different from #1 above. While it is best to dive in, this would help us rope in folks to discussions. :smiley:

  3. Other notable points (optional) … are there any other points you would like to highlight (language skills :earth_americas:, familiarity with specific markets :cityscape:, etc).

Looking forward to your replies, Doodlers :rainbow:

  1. Finance/Accounting (US GAAP) :moneybag:
  2. Primarily #1 above, but also interested in learning about Community organizing
  3. Language skills: Japanese
  1. Partnerships :handshake:
  2. Partnerships :sweat_smile:
  3. Eager to put my network to use of it can be helpful
  1. Artist/Animator
  2. Music
  3. Community Organization

Twitter - :slightly_smiling_face:


#1 Builder/Coder/Developer :desktop_computer: and * Community organization :busts_in_silhouette:

Co-Founder of Flair.Finance which can help project owners launch their NFT collection under 5 min. Also, our platform brings more peace of mind and transparency for collectors. Win Win :fire:

#2 Blockchain, Content Creation (I run a Youtube channel and review NFT projects and best practices), Building stuff

#3 Norwegian :norway: Also really familiar with e-commerce and personal finance markets


I’m an entertainment and media lawyer. I can help with all aspects of IP, contracts, partnerships, advisory etc. I’m a Dood of course. Partner in a law firm and NFT specialist. Let me know how I can help.


1. Area of Expertise: Community Organization

2. Area of interest: Coding (my skills are mainly in data science so abit far from whats really needed here, but im going to dive into blockchain developing as a hobby

3. Other notable points: Just want you doods to know im keen to help out and be a part of this and see how i can contribute to the community. But also have worked on projects (mainly fundraising and community management roles) back in 2017 and still have my network in Asia with some of the doods on this side of the world. Mainly Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

  1. Trader (Market-making/Market value management) (A leading crypto exchange trader).
  2. Primarily #1 above, but also interested in Community organization.
  3. Language skills: Chinese Mandarin.
  1. Builder/Coder/Developer :desktop_computer:
  2. Building cool innovative projects to help expand the doodle brand! Frontend development and blockchain things are all in my wheelhouse.
  3. Just welling to help in anyway I can to help grow this community. Doodles have already changed my life, now its time to give back and grow grow grow!
  • Brand strategy
  • Digital marketing
  • Content planning

I have been working with Digital marketing and social media for the last 15 years. Helping brands such Uber, ASICS, etc to get their message across to digital audiences.
I would love to contribute to the Doodles project and help the community reach the objective of entering millions of households!

Ah, by the way, I speak, read and write English, Italian (mother-tounge) and Portuguese fluently.

  1. Marketing? I’m a journalist
  2. Marketing/community organization/partnerships
  3. Speak Chinese/familiarity with Asian market

Hello, my real name is James, as for skills, I am not 100% sure what I could do to contribute but I am willing to help out anywhere I can.

I have worked in retail my entire life. I am great with customer service, public speaking and I have a amazing imagination.

Ever since I 1st entered the doodles discord I knew I wanted to be a part of this movement.

I am a big movie, show, comic, book fan. And I feel like my set of skills would be best used in the imagination category.

I have a story written up on my ideas for a show and would like to help as much as I can.

Thank you for giving me a voice



1. Area of Expertise: Machine learning/Deep learning & Video Compression Engineering
2. Area of interest: I write code. It’s mainly from the data science & signal processing background. Currently doing a PhD and doing research with Google/Youtube with video compression artefacts. I have done web projects before and web3 just seems like an awesome spice you can put on anything. Really enjoy working with solidity. All my blockchain experience is from building hubby projects.

3. Other notable points: I have a Youtube channel and enjoy the artform of creating content. Will be willing to help build the doodle community. Planning to hold this very long term. I’m from the Caribbean but study in Europe. Will be repping the brand.

  • Builder/Coder/Developer
  • Music
  • Finance/Accounting
  1. Product Management and Strategy
    My work revolves around looking into white spaces and ideating new products to thrive in those spaces. This involves extensive market and customer research in understanding the needs and translating them into the viable product.
  1. somewhere in between artist and builder: i am a product designer; meaning I create app experiences and UI
  2. dApps, blockchain, DAOs, community building
  3. im professional ux designer (10 years exp)

1. Area of Expertise: Finance/Accounting - CFA who has worked in Corporate Finance and Private Equity.

2. Area of interest: Web3/smart contract development - just finished the Consenys Blockchain Developer Bootcamp and looking to move into full-time web3
Music - I’m a bedroom DJ and producer

3. Other notable points: Recently worked at a start-up pet food manufacturer so have a lot of knowledge around launching a brand and entering new markets. Also, recently moved to Barcelona and so can lend a hand with any continental Europe expansion


HI doodles just read everyone’s responses and I’m so inspired by all of you. The diversity and breadth of the skillsets in our community is incredible!

  1. Builder/Coder/Developer (professionally) and Artist (stills/motion) (amateur).
  2. Same as 1) tbh. Although I am also very interested in animation and storytelling but have no experience to speak of. Besides watching every single marvel movie. Multiple times. XD
  3. Mandarin (speaking fluently), french (read/write)
  1. Artist/Builder/Architecture/3d
  2. Interested in developing Metaverse, 3d environments VR, AR, currently working with clients on delivering metaverse’s for their brands.

#1 Area of expertise: Builder/Coder/Developer :desktop_computer:
Dev of Wasted Wild which is a 3D NFT collection dedicating to environmental causes.
Also the dev of Pantless DAO which is a DAO formed by Creature holders.

#2 Area of interest:
Building cool things on blockchain, especially NFTs on Ethereum

#3 Other notable points:
Mandarin (native speaker) Have a daily job in crypto industry