Doodle share your skills!

  1. Builder/coder/developer/software engineer.
  2. All things web development using a wide tech stack such as .Net C# to python and Django. Using react for front end or any other framework. Launched an NFT project also called Cryptonauts.
  3. I am a lead dev on the day job so I have that under my belt. Can work with others effectively and coordinate people on what to do.
    Like being thrown into the deep end. Anything I don’t know I will learn.

Hey Doods,

Can’t believe there is actually an opportunity to help the team.

I have 22 years in sales and operations. I worked on big-ticket partnerships with brands such as Chanel, Swarovski being a couple of the names I currently deal with. Over the last 2.5 years, I’ve been building my own business helping companies organize and become efficient with their operations with the use of technology.

Naturally, as my role has grown, I’m now a strategic partner to companies I work with advising on operation structure and how to get the best use of technology for the HR & Fins functions.

Doodles have had a great start, I could perhaps with operation, processes, and helping build the community even further.



Artist (stills/motion) Im a film colorist so if you ever need anything in motion colored I would absolut love to contribute.

  1. Developer - I’m an engineer at AWS
  2. Finance/Accounting/Marketing - In addition to dev, I’d be interested in contributing in these areas where possible.
  3. I’m based in NYC, fluent in Cantonese, love meeting new people.
  1. General business strategic decision making. Ex: where to invest our resources (money, time, energy, focus, etc.) based on the vision and roadmap. Also supply chain logistics. More specifically: finance/operations/management
  2. I love storytelling and movies so anything related to that I’m in !
  3. I live in Canada and French is my native language
  1. Coder/Developer - 5yrs of experience with frontend (JavaScript)
  2. Coder/Builder - Want to branch out into building Smart Contracts w/ Solidity

Hey team,

  1. Areas of Expertise: Branding, marketing, NPD, partnerships.

  2. Area of interest: Along with the above, happy to discuss leveraging my real world experience and production facility to assist growing the Doodles brand.

  3. Other notable points: I founded Australia’s leading alkaline water 4 years ago and have gained experience navigating one of the toughest consumer markets (bottled water) in FMCG through highly unique branding as well as bringing a more environmentally sustainable approach to the bottled water market.


#1 Area of expertise: * Finance/Accounting :moneybag:
Financial / tax consultant focusing on global and domestic mergers & acquisitions.

#2 Area of interest:
Brand development, charitable giving, financial consulting.

#3 Other notable points:
Relationship builder – Fluent in Movie Quotes.

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  1. Partnerships & Community Organization
  2. My best skill is all operations/logistics and IRL events
  3. I work for a couple other DAO’s and am well connected after successfully founding and operating 6 companies. I work full time in crypto for a while now and Doodles will forever be my favorite community. I just wanna help. Happy to do it for free as its not about the money for me.
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  1. Area of expertise … finance (m&a and project valuation) & strategy.
  2. Areas of interest (optional) … anywhere i can help. I’ve helped in companies in anything ranging from operations, finance (not accounting) and strategy.
  3. Other notable points (optional) … Sit at the board of two companies with a total value of ~US$240m, where I’m partially responsible for strategy, m&a and investment strategy. Native spanish speaker with knowledge of the mexican market. Just glad to help anywhere I can. I’m a one of the “100 true-fans” of this project and want to help it reach the sky.