Doodle show idea

Show idea

Ok so hear me out lol, but I’ve been brainstorming.

Let’s say the doodle show would be a whole world with different fractions/ environments.

Santa would live in the cold region, and rule over the puffer doodles.

The golden ape would live in the jungle region and rule over the apes.

Aliens would live on the moon and self govern themselves.

Wizards would have a wizard council and live in the mountains with the flame doodles.

And coffee doods would reside in the capital city’s with the regular doods.

Our main character would be doodle mascot with the side kick poopie cat.

And our evil protagonists would be the “colorless” doodles who hate regular doodles for their cheer and happiness, and their one goal is to remove all color in the doodle world.

We could build around that, and have several different story arcs.

For instance with the aliens we could go interstellar and visit the bayc for episodes, or the north pole to help Santa. Or the jungle for our doodle apes. Or wizard missions with LOTR themes.

But the “colorless” doodles could all be counter parts, 1 Santa = 1 evil colorless Santa, wizard council= evil wizard counter

I have so many ideas and I would love to be involved as much as possible.


It seems there’s a lot of interest in world-building. Burnt is doing the same and exploring the Doodles world.

I think could be a next-step for all of these narrative-focused proposals is to create a writing contest with bounties and allow the community to vote on the best stories. Some brilliant ideas will come out of this and maybe the lore that wins us all over is a blend of everyone’s idea.

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I’m for the world-building proposals. I came for the art and stayed because I realised there is a great amount of potential here since Burnt has only broken into the 2-dimensional aspect (PFPs). The sky is the limit with the world we are trying to build. Trying to build a game like most other projects is probably not the best idea but a webapp where we can interact with different places/events. Kinda like a neopets world but much more interactive!