Doodle Sticker Packs

Howdy fellow Doodlers!

I wanted to poll the community as to whether others would be interested in creating some sticker packs that we could sell to the community. The work associated with it is minor, simply choosing a vendor who is capable of shipping internationally, and then determining which variants we want in our packs. I figure that we wouldn’t want to try to make much profit from this, so we’d try to pass the stickers through at cost.

Similar to different seasons, we could do “releases” of different packs which are randomly assigned each time we do a new release. This could increase “rarity” to certain Doodles since they would become more well-known by virtue of being posted/visible.

While I think that having sticker packs of some of the 1:1 type traits alone could be a cool, I think making them more random would be the most fair way to compile them.

Perhaps we also have an official pack, which includes things like :

  • Die-cut sticker of Doodles text image
  • Square sticker of Doodles mascot
  • Die-cut sticker of Doodle bank
  • GM sticker
  • GN sticker
  • etc.

We could leave what is included up to a vote within the community as well.

Could be a quick, low-cost way to get some fun merch into peoples hands in the near future!

Also for additional perspective…

  • Die-cut stickers would be like $3 plus shipping
  • Square stickers would be just under $2 plus shipping



I’d be interested, down to get some doodle stickers


I’m definitely interested. I wanna cover my laptop in doodles


This is a really good idea. I’d love me some Doodle Stickers :smiley: