[Doodle Watch Application] Bamboo

Name / Pseudonym: Bamboo
Twitter Handle: @bamboo__eth
Discord ID: bamboo#8403
Doodle(s) ID(s): #1147


Qualifications / Experience:

Community Council Application

Why are you running for the Doodle Watch?

I've been looking at Doodles since day one. From the outside.

I was looking from the moment I noticed the art, back to the mint days. I continued to watch and analyze Doodles and its community, observing its development, and I found myself wanting to get more and more involved. Why?

I joined Doodles in April 2022 and at that point I had already been in NFT for some time.

Initially, my goal was to find a place where I can see how community works, how it structured from the inside, better understand what people expect from the space and to improve my knowledge of community building.

I've been watching the Doodles a year. From the inside.

At first, I was more like an observer. However, But as time went on, I began to interact more with the people I met here.
I genuinely fell in love with the community, since those days, because of it diversity and insane positivity in the same time.

Doodles are the ones who have supported me in any way, who have acknowledged me, who have helped me get my place firmly in the web3. I’m full-time NFT and Doodles all the time were the “web3 Home” where I met a lot of unique and sincere people.

It all starts with a Doodle

We have to be remember that there are a lot of people who active on Twitter rather than Discord. They spread Doodles vibes, great art and different content, while respectfully being less active on Discord and not knowing the other side of the community well even though they are part of the same community.

We have great Seshes and TGID does excellent job and spread doodles IP via spaces, podcasts and sharing news and all that works great together with Team’s activity in Twitter.

I have good experience in Twitter networking and content creating, and can surely gather info from the twitter side of Doodles community and may their voice be heard.

We have new-comers almost every day, but there are still less of us than it was 3-4 months ago, so now we need to build the bridge between these two sides of our community - discord & twitter

This way, we can gather different ideas from the most active doodles and shape our culture in web3 and attract more and more unique and great people from different parts of the space; to increase clout.

I’ll try to put all my best on this position and bring value as far as it will be allowed.

Thank you for reading


I’m sure we all feel that the real icon for this position is Roops. Moreover, his experience as moderator on different active channels where he knows everyone and all - no brainer

Roops :people_hugging: :rainbow: :heart:

Toro & Tree, much respect to the real RBH OGs :100:


Much love bamboo
Always appreciate your contributions to the community :rainbow: :heart: :yellow_heart: :purple_heart: :black_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart:


ngl means a lot to hear that from you :heart:

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Good luck Bamboo!

You’d make a great Watch :heart:

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appreciate that Toroooo :rainbow: :saluting_face:

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glgl legend, great application…your passion for the project would make you a great asset for the watch


Thank u Nes :heart:

Appreciate ur kind words, legend :100: