Doodle Watch Application! brought to you by Guccishark

Name / Pseudonym: Guccishark

Twitter Handle: @guccishark_

Discord ID: Guccishark #1226

Doodle(s) ID(s): #8295

Qualifications / Experience:

IRL I am a Compliance Manager in a financial institution. I am well versed in ensuring that my organisation does not run foul of the regulations set out by the various regulators. Likewise, I am confident that my experience will allow me to ensure that the missions and values of Doodles are being upheld in whatever decisions the Community Council takes. I in particular take excellent meeting notes/minutes and have excellent communications skills. These translate well towards the responsibilities required of a member of the Doodle Watch.

Why are you running for the Doodle Watch?

I am highly passionate about the Doodles project and fell in love first and foremost with Scott’s art. One of the most recognisable IPs in the NFT space if not the most recognisable. The Doodles art just brings out the happiness in me just looking at it. Recently with the successful launch of Doodles 2, just customising my Doodles has been a family affair, attracting interest from all ages. There may have been plenty of criticism launched at the decision for Doodles 2 to be on Flow but it has proved to be a masterstroke by the team. The customisation has been relatively seamless on Flow with some kinks to be ironed out (understandable given that it is in Beta). It is also extremely easy to get started on Flow, just a gmail account and you are good to go, being able to make purchases on your credit card. This coupled with the low barrier of entry for Doodles 2 makes it one of the projects that are IMO the most likely to onboard “normies” onto Web3.

Indeed Doodles 2 has fulfilled the Doodles mission of inspiring belief in the idea that doodling has the power to ignite our imagination and transport us to new realities.

As for why I decided to run for the Doodle Watch, I am admittedly not a Doodles OG, although I am pretty well known in the communities of other projects. Having had the opportunity to hang around in the discord as well as taking part in the Doodles Sesh, I can feel the love from the community and team for the project and this makes me incredibly bullish that it is only a matter of time that we end up where we belong, taking our rightful place among the elite projects. Arguably though, we never left. I believe the floor price is a reflection of the state of the NFT market rather that the progress that the project is making. As a part of the community, I am also determined to make my contributions to bring us back to our rightful place on top. Perhaps not being an “OG” will help me see things clearer as an “outsider”, although this does not mean I am any less passionate about the project. Not being an OG has also made me feel like I should not have applied for the Community Council though I wanted to as I felt there were many deserving candidates. I though feel like I can make a difference as a member of the Doodle Watch.

Like you, I was frustrated with the lack of communication from the team with regards to updates of how the project is doing. I was delighted when they started Doodles Sesh on Twitter spaces. It has been an important bridge for the team to the community. Thus, I am well aware of how important communication is to any community. As a potential member of the Doodle Watch, I would thus be prioritising communicating updates to the community, keeping all abreast of any new developments Community Council meetings. As shown above, I am an excellent notes/minutes taker and have excellent communication skills and I believe that this will stand me in good stead when it comes to communications to the community.

I am thus submitting my humble application to be a part of the Doodle Watch for your consideration. Do allow me to make my contributions in serving the community.

Yes yes I know. Ain’t reading all that. I’m happy for u though or sorry that happened.



Me rocking my custom Doodles merch. LFDoodles!!