[Doodle Watch Application] Chef Tony

Name / Pseudonym: Chef Tony
Twitter Handle: @NFTonyP
Discord ID: NFTonyP#2003
Doodle(s) ID(s): #4437

- Web3: Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Founder of TGID
- Web2: Public Policy & Healthcare
- Ran 3 Doodlebank proposals, marketed + campaigned for a total of 6
- My platform: Bring accessibility, transparency, and media exposure to the council’s work and give the community a voice in the proposal revision process/ thwart corruption
- My plan: Provide frequent high-quality communications + content to keep the community and council in sync

Qualifications / Experience:

Web 3
I joined the space November 2021 and bought 2 Noodles. A month in, I was hired as the community manager. I eventually became the social media manager for just about a year. (old job)

In April 2022, I joined the House of Bandits team as community manager, and similar to Noodles, eventually became their social media manager for the better half of a year. (old job)

August 2022, I co-created Thank God it’s Doodles, aka TGID, alongside my esteemed colleague Doodlifts. We created TGID during the infamous 60 days of silence as a way to actively mend the communication gap between the Doodles team and our community. TGID in a nutshell is a community-ran, doodlebank supported media entity that provides the inside scoop on Doodles community and official news. We host 2 twitter spaces each week: TGID News and TGIDark, and publish a weekly community newsletter: The TGIDigest!

TGID Deliverable Stats:

  • TGIDigest: 36 Issues
  • TGID News: 36 Episodes
  • TGIDark: 20 Episodes
  • TMID: 3 Videos
  • Meet the Doodles Team: 2 Episodes

I have run 3 Doodlebank Proposals from inception to final vote (the most ever outside of the core team). 2 passed, 1 missed quorum. I have helped market/whip votes for another 3 successful proposals: Jon HQ’s Discord Security Audit, CKT’s Doodles Community Fund, and JKB’s Electro Heaven @ NFT NYC.

Web 2
I worked in public policy as a Policy Researcher. I analyzed bills, worked with the Texas Legislature, and published op-eds and other written products. I tailored deliverable content to various audiences sometimes law makers, other times policy experts, other times the general public, etc. I excelled at written and verbal communication in this role which set me up for success with my current endeavors at TGID.

Additionally, I worked as a live-in home heath aid for a young professional with muscular dystrophy. In this position I trained to be other-oriented which I believe lends itself profoundly to my compatibility with community-focused efforts in the Web3 space. My biggest takeaways were the importance of being truly compassionate towards others and being dependable when others are relying on me.

Why are you running for the Doodle Watch?

I want to make sure the community council does not become a Doodles Team maxi echo chamber. The last thing we want is to have a lack of visibility on what the council is doing, similar to how we saw with the official team’s lack of communication (pre-sockpiling era) and creating a deeper wedge between the team and OG holders.

I am deeply entrenched within the Doodles core community, I have a pulse on it that is second to none, and I will work my ass off in this position. With my work at TGID I have demonstrated my truly undeniable passion for serving our incredible community, the place a lot of us call home.

A vote for me as Doodle Watch is a guarantee that your voice will be heard in the council meetings, that you will have a comprehensive understanding of council meetings + what goes on behind the scenes, and assurance that funny business will not go unaddressed.

I also believe the community council needs a dedicated communications/media/marketing role (or team eventually). I will use the opportunity of the watch as a feeder into the council to make development + progress updates accessible and easy to consume.

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):

Our weekly Newsletter: TGID
TGID Twitter: https://twitter.com/TGIDoodles


Been seeing your contributions and initiatives toward the doodles community, totally deserve this role (and more!) :slight_smile:


Ahhhh… Tonyyyyyyy!!! Chef is always cooking up some amazing vibes in those TGID twitter spaces. All the best :saluting_face:


appreciate all you do for the community Chef :white_heart:

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I believe in you and you have my vote. I think you already do beyond this !! :clap::clap:


Thanks Nir, I’m ready to serve. I’m here to be a conduit for community voices and assist chair and rest of council disseminate communications!

I can’t deny it, I love to cook for the community. I appreciate your support Simon, active members is what makes this place stay alive and thrive!


We do a little bit of spaces here and there. Communication is a two way street and having the privilege of access is something that needs responsible players to handle. Best of luck to you in your campaign as well. OG Roops, you’re a 1/1 bro! Lets have fun with it.

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Oplah thanks I super appreciate that you enjoy what we’ve got going on with TGID, I have a true passion for covering this ecosystem. Made a lot of really good friends, some of the greatest people I’ve ever met came from being a Doodle. Super indebted to everyone. I know there is monumental growth in-store for the brand solets make sure we get a front seat to the action!

You have my vote Chef! :hearts: thank you for everything you do for this comunity!

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thanks wolf, more wolf doodles canon derivatives plz