[Doodle Watch Application] ono

Name / Pseudonym: Ono
Twitter Handle: @not_onogiri
Discord ID: onogiri#1010
Doodle ID: 1883

Goals: Ensure the community is heard, and execution is held accountable throughout the delivery of council plans, with transparent communication of processes and vision and a funnel for critical feedback.

  • Strong and OG familiarity with Doodles, and the Doodlebank.
  • Understanding and experience across various roles of the council (brand development, partnerships, fund management).
  • Way too much time on my hands :')

Qualifications / Experience:


  • Co-founder @ MedTech startup: built a mobile app delivering cognitive behavioural therapy in a fun format, raised 7 figures in product presales.
  • Product/data @ E-comm unicorn (>100m users, 7m partners): managed new customer products, reduced onboarding costs by 25%.
  • Quantitative trader @ HFT: ability to work, adapt quickly, and stay sane under immense pressure.

My Web2 experience has largely centred around understanding clients, and being able to achieve their goals. I’ve utilised every wrinkle in my brain to meet expectations as to what people want and need, and I can do the same for our community. Having experience across fields relevant to the council will allow me to understand their perspective, while keeping my feet within the community!

For fun, I try (and sometimes compete in) various martial arts (current fan of krav maga), scuba/freedive, jump out of planes and occasionally fly them.

I’ve been mildly traumatised fully immersed by the NFT space since mid-2021 (including being in Doodles since Sep 2021!) In that time, I’ve made a couple contributions:

  • Facilitated over 100 NFT/DeFi partnerships and grew media presence (>40k Twitter) for Web3 community.
  • Pitched Web3 HealthTech solutions to VCs and angel investors.
  • Speaker at Australia’s largest NFT conference (I spoke about smart contracts and self custody, and I promise there were actually people in the room).
  • Developed onboarding strategies and structure to curate a tightknit community of creators and builders in Aus.
  • Moral support at the Wizzy Ministry (i.e. Eyal’s sidekick) through our successful Doodlebank proposal!

Why are you running for the Doodle Watch?

As an OG Dood, I’ve ridden all the highs and lows among other members of the community. Being a core member of the Wizzy Ministry, I’ve also experienced first hand the struggles in engaging the community and the difficulty in building within our ecosystem. I have immense empathy for frustrated holders and builders, and want to ensure that the council is able to create an environment where community members can thrive.

Greater representation! There are dedicated communities of Doodles holders across Asia-Pacific that largely operate independently. I’d love to be able to assist in representing these groups in an official capacity with the team.

Doodle Watch will ensure that while helping build the next chapter of Doodles, the council will be able to maintain perspective and a strong connection to the community. I want to see us succeed, and this will be through managing expectations, allowing a space for people to be heard, and holding the council accountable to their plans and vision.

I have time, passion, and the skillset to represent our community to the fullest and assist the council in hitting their goals. Doodles was my first (and has been my longest) community, and I care immensely about the success of the project. I’d love to be able to play my part as the voice of the people as we move forward!

Love you all <3



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