Doodle Watch Application - Oplah

Name / Pseudonym: Oplah
Twitter Handle: @oplah
Discord ID: opl#1110
Doodle(s) ID(s): #1725

As a product designer IRL, part of the work that I’m doing is conducting user interviews and managing communication between different teams, including stakeholders, developers, and marketers. This has taught me to listen actively, take notes, and synthesize information in a clear and concise manner. In my role as a Doodle watch, I would use these skills to collaborate effectively with different sides of the group (team and community), ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

In addition to that, as a designer, I understand the importance of visual communication. In the past, I have used visual aids such as infographics, sketches, wireframes, and prototypes to convey information to different teams. I believe that this skill would be valuable as a Doodle watch, as it would allow me to convey complex ideas in a more accessible and engaging way.

I have also been part of the community for quite some time. Although I may not be the most outspoken, I constantly observe the vibe, and how the community is feeling in general through the highs and the lows, and provided feedback in the past through channels such as the feedback form or community feedback calls with Poopie.

Why am I running for the Doodle Watch?
Since the very beginning, I have been a huge fan of Doodles. The characters, stories, and expressions have all resonated deeply with me and brought me a great deal of joy. Moreover, the Doodles community has been an endless source of laughter, knowledge, and inspiration, and I am eager to give back and make a positive impact on this amazing community that has been such an important part of my web3 journey.

Joining the Doodles Community Council would be an incredible honor and an opportunity to work alongside a talented and passionate group of individuals. Regardless of whether I am chosen for the role, I will continue to support and advocate for Doodles and the amazing community that has been so welcoming and inspiring to me.


oplah! best of luck!!!

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Appreciate you Goku :blossom:

It is always a pleasure to see you in rainbow-hall opl. Great application :rainbow:

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