[Doodle Watch Application] roops

Name / Pseudonym: roops
Twitter Handle: @roopsNFT
Discord ID: roops#5460
Doodle(s) ID(s): 3482, 8897, 4635

Qualifications / Experience:
Graduate research assistant in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I’ve been involved in several successful projects, both as a leader and as a member, resulting in my work being published in several peer reviewed journals. I’m also involved in delivering course content those at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the university where I work. That’s right: roops teaches and learns.

-Moderator for several discords. I’m familiar with managing the the social dynamics among community members in a manner that stays true to the team’s mission and values.
-Being roops: Rank#2 doodler (second only to the mush mush man), resident exit liquidity provider and degener.

Why are you running for the Doodle Watch?
Let me start of by saying my doodle was my introduction to NFTs. I just fell in love with the community and team’s vision, so I bought it back in January 2022. It became my identity. My first thought after buying my doodle was, “I need to get another.” This community has taught me so many things when it came to anything web3. I’ve been able to forge amazing connections with unique and talented individuals that made me feel at home. I am eternally grateful for this.

Through my time here, I’ve been exposed to the different sub-communities formed both inside and outside the discord; each with their own views on what issues are experienced and solutions to those issues. Each and every one of their emotions hit me; from feelings of joy to that of neglect. Consequently, I have attained deep understanding of the challenges and needs that befall my beloved doodle family.

I’m running because I care about letting the voice of the community be heard through all the discussions being had about the community’s future. There must be a conduit between the council, team and the community whose future they’re trying shape. I can be that conduit. My commitment to the care of the community has never been called into question. It will be my honor to serve as Doodle Watch Commander in Chief to ensure my Doodle family is put first and to ensure the team’s mission and values are upheld.

Thank you for taking the time and consideration.

Vote roops for Doodle Watch.


Vote roops for Doodle Watch.

Such a community staple! LFG roops. Need you watching, watch everything please.


Lub u nessy :blue_heart: :green_heart: :orange_heart: :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :heart: :brown_heart:
I promise to watch


roopsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! :fist_right::fist_left::fist_right::fist_left::fist_right::fist_left:

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:fist_right: :fist_left:

The heart and soul of the doodles community.


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Commited to the project and its community, believer of the values, and just a positive person - sometimes in an uncomfortable way even. We need a dedicated Doodle to ensure the committee hit their marks, stay focused and live up to duties day in and day out. I think Roops is well qualified for Watch.

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appreciate you qt pie :heart: :brown_heart: :yellow_heart: :purple_heart: :orange_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart:

:saluting_face: captain roops reporting for duty
Appreciate your kind words


Let’s go roops! :champagne:

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Roopy for Watch!

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Great to hear that you are running, I have no doubt you’d do a killer job. Love you Roops

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luv u more smashy :blue_heart: :green_heart: :orange_heart: :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :brown_heart: :heart:

We love you Roops! Good luck with the application :purple_heart:

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You already watch everything Roops, I think you’re a great candidate for this. love ya

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Same to you opl
:heart: :brown_heart: :yellow_heart: :purple_heart::saluting_face: :orange_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :black_heart:

Appreciate the kind words Chief :eye: :eye: Luv u more :green_heart: :blue_heart: :black_heart: :orange_heart: :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :brown_heart: :heart:

nicely said roops. honored to be running alongside you :handshake:

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Person who has been watching over the community all this time already
There’s no point in telling how cool the Roops is - everybody knows
We love Roops :heart:

Roops for watcher, no brainer :saluting_face:

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Means alot comming from you ma dood.
Much love :rainbow: :saluting_face:

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