[Doodle Watch Application] Snap

Name / Pseudonym: Snap

Twitter Handle: 0xSnap_

Discord ID: 0xSnap#1626

Doodle(s) ID(s): #1537

Qualifications / Experience:

I will highlight my qualifications and experiences, specifically addressing the three main tasks that I will need to undertake for the Doodle Watch.

  • Communicate council’s progress to broader Doodles community

We all know that communication has been one of the key factors causing people to hesitate when considering purchasing Doodles, especially compared to the hype period.

This is exactly where I believe I can make a difference during my term as a Doodle Watch member.

Here’s how and why my input would help:

On Twitter, I have been a content creator for five months and have organically grown my account from 50 followers to 3,500. During this time, I have been posting around four times a day and writing at least two threads every week.

Many “GMs” later, people tell me that I’ve added value to the NFT community every day since I started, and I intend to continue doing so.

Since last month, I have fully embraced Doodles as my digital identity and have been incorporating the wonderful Doodles IP into almost every post while respecting the brand guidelines.

As I write this, 0xSnap_ is currently the account with the second biggest reach among all NFT-related accounts on Twitter based on nftinspect inside our community (3%).

I am constantly growing my reach by creating posts on the industry’s hot subjects and sharing my knowledge with the community, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Along with my growth, I am also promoting my Doodles by using the IP in almost every post I make.

During my term as a Doodle Watch member, I will help facilitate communication between the community and the council.

I will make it my responsibility to provide our holders and those outside the ecosystem who may be looking to get involved with all the information needed to trust that the council is doing its job (perhaps sometimes more than needed, but never less :wink:).

I understand how it feels to be a holder, and even the best of us may have doubts when we only know that “something big is being built right now” and nothing more.

I fully understand your feelings and want to get involved to make sure that you all feel proud to be in Doodles and can trust that the council is doing its job.

How do I plan to do this?

1. By writing threads about our meetings, documenting all the information that I will be able to share with you.
2. By listening to your feedback and implementing it to make my threads perfect for your needs.
3. By making sure that the council is hearing the community, and you hear the council.

My growing reach on Twitter allows me to share these threads and Doodles-related activities with those who may not yet be Doodles holders. This exposure could impact Doodles’ progress, as seen in the cases of Azuki with Elena and Wale.

Although I am not at that level yet, I am dedicated to putting in the work, and I will always have Doodles’ best interests at heart.

  • Attend Community Council meetings and take notes & Ensure the mission and values of Doodles are being upheld

As a longtime Doodles holder (despite a brief hiatus due to liquidity issues), I’ve closely observed the ecosystem’s growth and gained a deep understanding of the brand, its objectives, and principles. My involvement with Doodles has spanned various milestones, including Austin, Noodles release, Space Doodles… and my support for the project will continue irrespective of whether I secure this role.

I also have a thread in which I talk more about my journey with Doodles and why I decided to come back and use it as my digital identity. I will add the link at the end of the post.

While I consider myself a web3 native, having been in this space for 3 years now, full time, I have my fair share of web2 experience that may come in handy.

Together with a team of 8 young professionals, I have had the privilege of assisting prominent clients like Red Bull in achieving their goals.

For this specific project, we devised the “Go Digital” strategy for Red Bull in Romania during the pandemic, collaborating with major ordering platforms such as Glovo, Food Panda, and Uber Eats.

Although Red Bull is a well-known brand, we have also worked with numerous other companies in the CEE region, which might not be globally recognized but hold significant importance.

In addition to our work with Red Bull, we have had the opportunity to create the outreach strategy for the largest business conference in CEE, which has plans to expand to London. As well as the marketing strategy for Neversea, CEE’s biggest beach festival.

Our efforts for Neversea were aimed at attracting 10,000 new Gen Z clients to the first event after the quarantine was lifted.

Outside of my work with these clients, I hold a seat on the council of the largest entrepreneurial community in Romania, which is dedicated to nurturing talent under 30 years old.

My day-to-day responsibilities in this role include acquiring new clients, maintaining communication with our partners, and coaching the teams in developing new start-ups.

As a result, I’ve not only practiced but also studied essential skills like feedback, active listening, and dialogue, which are essentials to every activity in which I participate.

With my extensive journey in the project and experience working with various businesses, each possessing unique values, objectives, and organizational cultures,I am well-prepared to efficiently oversee the council’s activities as I attend meetings and diligently take notes. I’m confident in my ability to ensure that the council’s actions are in harmony with Doodles’ mission and values.

Why are you running for the Doodle Watch?

Two primary reasons drive my desire to join Doodle Watch: first, to passionately contribute to my favorite project in the entire NFT space and ensure fellow doodles stay informed about the council’s activities; and second, to grow and develop myself by collaborating with some of the most exceptional and inspiring individuals in the space.

Doodles has a special place in my heart as the project that ignited my love for NFTs, revealing to me that they represent more than just financial assets. It introduced me to the magic of a web3 community and the incredible energy that radiates from the #think-tank channel, teeming with brilliant ideas from amazing people united by a shared mission: ensuring Doodles’ success.

For me to work for this project? A literal dream.

The mere thought of working within this organization fills me with excitement and joy.

It would be an absolute honor to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the development of this extraordinary initiative.

I’m not only eager to contribute but also confident in my ability to deliver positive results for the project. I genuinely believe that my involvement in the council will create a win-win situation for both Doodles and me, fostering success and growth for all parties involved.

If I didn’t believe I was the perfect person for the job, I wouldn’t even consider running as a candidate.

I am also looking to grow within the web3 industry. Serving on the Community Council would present an incredible opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the brightest and most creative minds in the web3 space.

This invaluable experience would undoubtedly help me expand my skills and knowledge, allowing me to make an even more profound impact in the world of NFTs and beyond, while fueling my passion for innovation.

Thank you for reading! Cheers! :champagne:

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):

My doodles journey: https://twitter.com/0xSnap_/status/1643316228344401920
Thoughts about Doodlebank: https://twitter.com/0xSnap_/status/1652736526567055360


Proud to be a doodle.


Great application Snap. All the best :rainbow:

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