[Doodle Watch Application] Spenc3

Name / Pseudonym: Spenc3
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/spenc3_eth
Discord ID: Spenc3#0111
Doodle(s) ID(s): 2006


Spenc3 the ‘Rainbow’ Guardian:

Upholding our community values and being YOUR voice.
(Borrowing from the blockbuster release, maybe google algorithm will give this a boost :wink:)

Role focus:
Brand Steward
Drive Accountability
Channel Positivity
Being Accessible

Qualifications / Experience:
Brand Builder: Led the strategy, innovation and marketing plans across numerous iconic brands, including Duracell, Gillette, Pillsbury, Molson Coors etc.
Digital Forward: Led numerous Web2 campaigns and executions including FB cause marketing campaign, Virtual Pop-Up Store, eCom platforms for DTC & Merch leveraging Shopify, spear-headed Web3 corporate immersion efforts
Budget Centric: Lead Corporate Portfolio Strategy and oversee Portfolio budget of +$50 million
Extracurricular Activity: +6 years soccer coach for my 2 daughters, +3 years Board Member for the largest Soccer club in Canada & top 5 Club in NA
What’s my why: Having an impact, uniting and hustling

For me it’s about supporting, leveraging my skill set, being authentic, learning together and having an impact.
I have supported & lead a few initiatives:

  1. Security based decentralized solution to protect web3 and onboard normies
  2. Loyalty based platform solution bridging web2 to web3
  3. Pitching to a Flow project for an end-to-end solution
  4. Launching a podcast
  5. Establishing 2 business in the above and filing for trademarks in the US

Why are you running for the Doodle Watch?
I fully value and appreciate the essence of Doodles, the teams’ ambitions and the community’s passion and belief.
I see and at the core feel the potential of this Brand to bridge Web3 to Web2 and grow into a sustainable Billion dollar content entertainment Brand.
Let’s be real, this is my second kick at the can. Based on my combined Web2 & Web3 experience + positivity + track record of driving accountability, I know I can meet the community’s needs! I’m accessible, open-minded and will take the time to acknowledge what you have to say. I know I can represent you in a fair and equitable manner, while being a force to push us forward into WAMGI territory…LFG!

Any questions…just ask, DM, let’s set up a call or doing some Spaces!


Spenc3 coming in hot :fire: :fire: :fire:

when there is :fire: ahead, by you, I need to make some effort to light it up!

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