[Doodle Watch Application] StrikerOG

Name / Pseudonym: StrikerOG
Twitter: @MahapatraSaahil
Discord ID: ! StrikerOG#6899
Doodle ID: #9780

Qualifications / Experience:

  1. I speak two languages fluently and can translate if needed.
    English, Hindi
  2. I recently joined the Doodles community, so I am pretty new. Although I have been tracking Doodles community since 2021 and had to make the buy when I saw the floor price opportunity too good to delay further.
  3. I am full time into web3 for over 2 years now when I begun my journey as Marketing Assistant and subsequently making way up as Moderator and eventually Community Manager.
  4. I can take notes and make a good presentation if needed for all the necessary information plus I am fast learner which helps me adapt really fast to any atmosphere.

Why am I running for the Doodle Watch?

I have been either Business Development Manager/ Community Manager/moderator/advisor/ambassador/marketing alliance member/collab manager for about 25 projects with over 2 year + experience in the field.

I joined Doodles community in April 2023, but I have been keeping a close eye on the Project since late 2021. You can call me a fanboy for Doodles, who can proudly claim to climb my way up to buy myself a Doodle by being full time web3.
I am fluent in English as well as Hindi (Indian subcontinent) plus I can also understand Tagalog (Philippines) which helps me to connect with many people from Asia timezone. Also being a good listener and fast learner helps me to understand and adapt really well according to the need and current environment. With my 2 years of experience I can guarantee me acting as a good bridge between the community and the core team for better communication.
It would be a great dream come true for me to join the Doodle Watch and contribute my best to help grow myself along with the project. I can assure you I will look after the project as my own.

Joining the Watch would certainly also help me make a lot of great friends in the space.

Thanks and regards
Please Vote StrikerOG for Doodle Watch.

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