[Doodle Watch Application] Toro

Name / Pseudonym: Toro / Big T (Toronades)
Twitter: Toronades_eth
Discord ID: Toro#1101
Doodle ID: #1491

Qualifications / Experience:

  1. I speak three languages fluently and can translate if needed.
    English, Turkish and German.

  2. I have been an active Doodles community member since mint and I am Rank#10 Doodler.

  3. I am a very good listener and fast typer (110WPM), taking notes is an easy task to me.

  4. I have been on the Internet for over a decade now and know my way around a community.

AND the most important qualifications:

  • My squat is 280lbs(140KG) for 2 repetitions,
  • My deadlift is 440lbs(200KG) for 2 repetitions,
  • My bench is 280lbs(140KG) for 4 repetitions.

But jokes aside, let me tell you why I want to run for Doodle Watch.

Why am I running for the Doodle Watch?

In September 2021, I joined Doodles Discord (thanks Santa!) and it changed my life. I minted 5 Doodles and became an OG Doodle.
It also introduced me to NFTs and sparked my interest in becoming an Official Doodles Moderator.
Being fluent in Turkish and German makes me able to connect with other non-US communities and sub-communities, their voices with me will be heard aswell!
Joining The Watch team seems like the perfect opportunity for me to contribute and grow.
I am eager to communicate with the community and give my best in meetings.

During the time I have spent in this community, I have had the chance to get to know a lot of awesome individuals, individuals that I would call freeens.
As a result, I know how my frens feel about Doodles and I do empathize with them.
I would say that I have a profound understanding of the challenges ahead and I that I am able to express these feelings directly.

I am motivated to run for Doodle Watch Second in Command (let’s be honest, Roops will win this, we love Roopy), because I am genuinely invested in the well-being of the community.
I am dedicated to ensuring that their voices are heard, especially during discussions about the community’s future.
I would be acting as a bridge between council, team and community, and I am confident that I am capable in translating and advocating their interests and uphold the team’s values and mission!

I love Doodles community and I will forever be grateful!

It all started with a Doodle.
Vote Toro for Doodle Watch.


OG coming out repping
Luv u Toro

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Means a lot to me man <3
Love you Roops

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Let’s go Toro! Watch away king


A true doodle OG and an asset to our community. :heart:


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Stoked to see that you’re running for this position! You’re a great fit for the role, and I know you’ll crush it. I’m rooting for you!

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Thank you so much Smash <3

Says the literal pillar of Rainbow Hall! Honored to hear such words from you Treemothy :heart:

You’re da homie Toro, you got this. Rooting for you b <3


Appreciate it Chief! Thank you for your kind words, G <3

The real OG is here :heart:

Glad to see you running for the watcher
incredibly valuable asset to the community

Rooting for Toro :people_hugging:


Best of luck Toro! :v:t4:

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