[Doodle Watch Application] zkpawky

Name / Pseudonym:
zkpawky, pawky

Twitter Handle

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Doodle(s) ID(s):
#1700, #4174

To give a bit of a background on myself, I am expected to graduate this fall with a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and a minor in Computer Science. During my time in college, I have learned the importance of clear, concise communication and how to work with a team. Most importantly, I have learned the value of knowing your role and where you fall into a system or workplace.

While I do not necessarily have workplace experience that would transfer over to the skills needed to be a Watcher (unless properly cleaning and sanitizing gym equipment counts), what I lack in traditional experience I make up for in Doodle experience. Since joining Doodles five days after mint, I immediately knew this project was different. Previously in web3, I have left projects that were seeing extreme levels of success simply due to how the community behavior began to evolve. Projects I once loved and felt an intense sense of pride in and belonging to started to take a negative turn, and it was something I just could not be a part of. The difference with Doodles lies in the undeniable joy they foster and create simply by looking at them. At that point, I knew I had found my community. Since diving headfirst into the Doodles community, I have made some truly incredible friends and done my best to do what I consider as equally important as having a good founder, which is being a good community member. Personally, being a good community member means being active however I can. If this means making self-proclaimed mid memes just so my fellow holders could see more Doodles on their timeline, or hosting Twitter spaces, or even just being on the timeline constantly welcoming new holders, I want to do it all!

In addition to trying to represent the core belief of Doodles within the community, I have done my absolute best to extend that beyond our OG and Doodles 2 holders. I firmly believe that NFTs suffer from tribalism and believe that there can only be one successful project. I have continued to build and maintain relationships with the broader web3/NFT community, which I hold great pride in. Continuing that note, another accomplishment I take great pride in is building a great relationship with the Floor team. I know they are building what will be the center of web3. To reiterate my previous point of being an active participant within communities, I saw they did not have a reoccurring Twitter space, so I started one! I am currently going on week 33 of a weekly Twitter space for their community, and it is something I am so thankful for and proud of.

Why am I running for Doodle Watch?
I am running for the Doodle Watch, most importantly, to put the council in the best position possible to accomplish what they do so greatly as individuals and as a collective. Beyond allowing the council to do what they do best, which is cook, I want to relay directly to the council community what the sentiment is within the community and what we can do as a collective to continue or improve that feeling. My hope is that with the community council, we will see Doodle holders unlock their untapped potential and in turn, have a newfound confidence to submit proposals of their own. When the council succeeds with this, they will be extremely busy with proposals, and I hope to be able to take that load off by essentially being a secretary to the council. In short, I aspire to continue to have my finger directly on the pulse of the community and know how they are feeling.

Other than supporting the council in any way I can, I hope to continue to be a friendly face within our community, welcome new OG/Doodles 2 holders, and keep pushing the enthusiasm and joy found in Doodles outside of our slice of web3. As I have previously stated, I am beyond proud to be a Doodle and genuinely love this community more than I can describe. I want to spread the joy and pride that comes with being a Doodle to the broader web3 space and world.

All of this being said, I truly feel like I have found my forever home within web3, and I cannot be more thankful it ended up being Doodles. To the entire team, council, and community that make this place so special, I thank you. To serve on the Doodle Watch would genuinely be an honor, but regardless of the outcome, I will continue to do two things:

Spread joy and defend the doods🛡️.


beautiful sentiments pawky! straight from the heart. Let’s get it!!

Thank you so much, my man!! That was exactly my goal :slight_smile:

It’s a great time to be a doodle!

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Wish you the best Pawky :rainbow:

You’re incredible person and member of our community :people_hugging:

Appreciate this a ton bamboo! It’s been great to grow closer through this bear market and get to know each other better.

The feelings are mutual my friend🫶🏼

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Love this. All the best with your application Pawky. It’s always great to see your posts on twitter and you on twitter spaces keeping the vibes up with that doodly spirt

Thanks a ton roops! The feeling is mutual my friend!

In doods we trust :rainbow::face_vomiting:

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