Doodle Watch Submission: sandymeows

Name / Pseudonym: sandymeows :cat:

Twitter Handle: @sandyme0ws

Discord ID: sandymeows #0088

Doodle(s) ID(s): 9221 + 7937

Qualifications / Experience:

With over four years of experience in the NFT space, I bring a unique blend of skills and expertise to the table. I have a proven track record of successfully managing and growing online communities as a community manager. My passion for engaging with members and organizing virtual events has helped me to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. I am empathetic and attentive to the needs of others and always make sure that every voice is heard.

As a fan of everything Doodles, I believe I am a perfect fit for a team that values creativity, innovation, and fun. Doodles’ mission and values align with my personal core values, and I promise to bring my unwavering devotion to the role of Doodle Watcher and its responsibilities. With my experience, skills, and passion, I am confident that I can collaborate with other team members to achieve our shared goals.

Please find below my NFT experience.

NFT Collector
October 2018- Present

  • Cryptokitties Collector
  • Over 1.4K NFT Collection that includes Blue Chip NFT Projects: Doodles, Art Blocks, BAYC, Moonbirds, and more.

SMK Studios | WEB3 Consultant
May 2022- Present

  • Building strong client relationships by providing exceptional customer service, responding promptly to inquiries and concerns, and delivering high-quality work that exceeds expectations.
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in web3 technology, and share this knowledge with clients to help them stay ahead of the curve.
  • Present findings, progress updates, and recommendations to clients in clear, concise, and engaging presentations.

The WIP Meetup | Metaverse Creative Event Team
September 2020- Present

  • Manage virtual events production calendar and live virtual event production team on show days.
  • Manage virtual storefront.
  • Meet with clients to understand their message, brand voice and targeted audience.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues promptly during virtual events, proposed effective solutions, and remained composed under pressure to ensure seamless event execution.

OPOLIS | Coalition Success Steward
October 2022-January 2023

  • Managed Coalition Partnership ecosystem
  • Lead AMA Discussions and brought experts to answer questions and foster community bonding with Twitter Spaces: Freelancer Friday’s
  • Attended daily meetings, actively documented key points and action items, and efficiently organized notes for easy accessibility and reference.

NFT42 | Co-Founder/ Head of TokenSmart/ Community Manager / Social Media Manager September 2020- July 2022

  • Spearheaded daily operations of the TokenSmart team and implemented systems and procedures to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Fostered growth in popular NFT projects Avastars, Nameless, and TokenSmart.
  • Proven track record as a community manager in the NFT industry with extensive experience managing social media platforms like Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, Clubhouse, and TikTok.
  • Successfully launched community initiatives and demonstrated excellent communication and writing skills.
  • Proficient in brand management through social media, website traffic monitoring, and customer engagement analysis.

TokenSmart Podcast | Producer/ Co-host / Audio Editor
September 2020- June 2021

  • Efficiently recorded, edited, and transcribed audio files for podcasts, ensuring timely completion and high quality.
  • Actively participated in brainstorming sessions with team members, contributing innovative ideas for new podcasts and blog posts.

Matthew & Rizzle Show Podcast | Audio Editor
September 2020- December 2020

  • Edited and transcribed audio files for podcasts in a timely manner.

Pranksy | Discord Moderator
October 2020- December 2020

  • Cultivated a sense of trust, care, well-being, inclusiveness, and belonging in the community.
  • Assisted new members on how to navigate the discords channels & locate the important information.
  • Moderate the channels to ensure rules were being met by all members.

Freelancer | Cryptovoxels Architect / Video Editor
June 2019- December 2020

Why are you running for the Doodle Watch?

sandymeows meowyhappygif

Hello Doodles! :wave: :rainbow: :smiley_cat:

The Doodles crew is like no other - so friendly, inclusive, and just all-around amazing. I can’t wait to get more involved and play a more active role in this wonderful community.

My main mission as Doodle Watch will be to capture and preserve the spirit of the Doodles community. I’ll be taking diligent notes at all the Community Council meetings, making sure that the Doodles values and mission are being upheld at all times. And of course, I’ll be sharing all the juicy details and progress updates with the rest of the Doodles fam.

As a Doodle Watch member, I won’t be casting any votes during the Community Council meetings, but I’m excited to jump in and participate in all the conversations and debates. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to learn from my fellow Doodles and grow both personally and professionally. Plus, who knows? Maybe someday I’ll be rocking a Community Council seat myself! :crossed_fingers:

In a nutshell, I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Doodles community, and I can’t wait to make my mark as Doodle Watch. Let’s do this thing! :raised_hands:

Thank you meowy much for your consideration! :cat: :heart_hands: :heartpulse:

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):



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Also, good luck to all the other applicants out there! May the best doodle win!

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