Doodlebank 1.0: Upgraded Doodlebank Governance Client

tl;dr :crystal_ball:

Doodlebank 1.0 is a supercharged governance client optimized for proposal discussion, voting, and rich context to scale participation in the Doodlebank ecosystem.

Doodlebank 1.0 streamlines Doodlebank governance by phasing out Discourse for discussion and building social features on top of Snapshot for voting/delegation.

The platform will be built by Collective. Our team was recently awarded with funding through Prop House to build a Nouns governance client — House of Nouns. We’re asking for 8 ETH for full-stack development, hosting, and white-glove support to tailor this platform for Doodles. (5)

What is Doodlebank 1.0? :tada:

Doodlebank 1.0 is the hub for all things Doodlebank, including discussion around ideas and proposals, and voting. The platform streamlines the process for ideas to get to vote, then execution. It includes organized proposal discussion, rich voter data and delegation, web3-native social features, and lots more — all under one roof.

Key features include:

  • Discussion: discussion on every proposal to replace the need for Discourse and scattered Discord messages
  • Feelers: temperature check ideas with a simple upvote/downvote mechanic and get feedback with commenting before submitting a proposal
  • Summaries: one-sentence proposal summaries are automatically displayed
  • Social voter delegation: user dashboards show an individual’s activity in governance and allow votes to be delegated to them
  • Data: enriched context and data around proposals and voters
  • Notifications: optional email notifications for new proposals and trending ideas
  • Rich media: embed media and social posts in ideas and proposals
  • Rewards: badges, profile stats (i.e. Discord and voter participation), and POAPs for participation in governance, in an effort to recognize and increase voter turnout

Here’s a prototype of user profiles we’re building for DoodleBank 1.0. It includes governance participation, social stats, community engagement, and easy access to delegate votes for every holder. In the future, we will surface profile badges and POAPs earned through rewards here.

We are open to hearing other data the community would want to surface here.

Why is this necessary? :rainbow:

The Doodlebank is a key part of what makes Doodles special. A Doodle is not just a Doodle — it’s access to propose and vote on community ideas that proliferate the Doodles brand via Doodlebank.

A revamped Doodlebank governance platform is necessary to increase governance participation and incentivize builders in the Doodles community in the long-term.

Here’s how we will look to solve the most pressing issues with Doodlebank 1.0.

Problem: The path for an idea to go to vote then execution is unclear.

Solution: Doodlebank 1.0 will come loaded with a comment section under feelers & proposals, so the community can help refine them. Highest upvoted ideas can be fast-tracked to a proposal.

Additionally, before the launch of Doodlebank 1.0, we will work closely alongside the Doodles team and community to standardize a process to get to a vote. Ideally, the Doodlebank process will be clearly surfaced on Doodlebank 1.0.

Problem: Proposals are boring walls of text

Solution: Our solution is two-fold. First, one-sentence summaries are generated for every idea and proposal. Second, feelers and proposals can easily be embedded with media and social posts, to make them easier to consume.

Problem: Ideas, discussion, and participation are scattered across platforms, which leads to community dissonance.

Solution: Doodlebank 1.0 is the set point for discussion around ideas and proposals — which is currently scattered across Discourse and Discord. It will also host final voting, via integrated Snapshot API. Less places for voters to track is a win for everyone.

Problem: Many holders don’t know about active votes.

Solution: Doodlebank 1.0 will offer optional email alerts about live proposal votes and trending feelers from the day of launch.

Problem: There is no immediate incentive to participate in Doodlebank.

Solution: In addition to aforementioned reputation statistics for participation, we will support badges and POAPs for voting (and voting consistently) — ideally created by artists in the community or proposers themselves. We believe this is a first step, but we are very open to additional ideas to reward participation.

Cost :money_with_wings:

We’re asking for 8 ETH to support full-stack software development of Doodlebank 1.0, managed and hosted by the Collective engineering team. Our team will tailor this platform specifically to the Doodlebank’s needs.

The cost includes the first year of access and hosting. After the first year, Doodlebank can vote to renew the hosting costs at a lower cost (~1-2 ETH).

Itemized services:

  • Doodles UX customizations
  • Voter reputation integration
  • Snapshot integration
  • Website hosting (for 1 year)
  • Software development for Doodles profiles
  • Hands-on maintenance and support

Product Timeline

  • 3 weeks: MVP platform launch, ready for testing
  • 6 weeks or sooner: Full platform launch, complete for Doodles holders to use

Team :dizzy:

Collective is a web3 social platform for NFT DAOs to empower their members. In July, we rebranded from MomentRanks (you may know us from NBA Top Shot) to focus on supporting NFT DAOs.

We will be constantly listening to conversations around Doodlebank and Doodles governance to build a custom platform custom for Doodles.

Our proposal to build a governance platform for Nouns — House of Nouns — was recently awarded 20 ETH of funding through Prop House. The Collective team will provide development, backend features (discussion, data, authentication, etc.), and hands-on support for Doodlebank 1.0.


If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for reading. We’ll be actively checking out potential changes and any ideas that the Doodles community would want to see in a white-labeled governance platform.

Our goal is to tailor this to the Doodlebank’s specific needs, and see the Doodlebank thrive through community support. Thank you again!

— Christian Hardy, Doodle #9953, @byhardy, incompleteorder#7515


Christian - this is a great proposal and something like this should greatly help increase engagement and usability of the doodlebank. Just a few things that I would like to see clarified:

  1. The contract / licensing agreement - this is a software platform at the end of the day and if we make this core to the doodlebank, the T&Cs should be clear so that there isn’t any questions around usage / ownership / further development.

  2. Can you explain the snapshot integration? Is proposal voting still done on snapshot or in this platform? If it is the latter, are most/all typical snapshot features included?

  3. I understand this is being built for Nouns first - does your timeline of 3-6 weeks assume once the nouns platform is built out and working or is that timeline from approval of proposal?

I’m excited about this one…

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Bully!! Thank you so much for your thoughtful responses and support.

Added some additional language under costs above to address this — but in short, there would be a must smaller fee after the first year for upkeep and hosting (1-2 ETH). The software is owned by Collective, but we’ll progressively open up APIs & potentially host content on arweave for anyone to build upon in the future.

Future costs incurred will only be for additional features that the community wants to add to Doodlebank 1.0. These would be funded through proposals.

Hope this addresses those concerns.

Yes, it’s a direct integration of the underlying Snapshot functionality via an API. Voting and delegation will be available directly from Collective, but votes will also show up on Snapshot (and votes/delegation can happen there too). Everything works the same here.

No, that timeline was as of posting today. Once House of Nouns and reputation profiles are built, it wouldn’t take long to get the initial Doodlebank product up.

So if this prop took five weeks to get through DB, we would be 1-2 weeks from having a completed product for DB. 2 weeks for proposal passing? ~4 weeks for DB. etc.

Thanks again!

Adding one more note to this proposal!

We are will be adding Discord forum integration if the Doodles team is interested.

When a discussion is posted to doodlebank 1.0 (holders only?), a new forum post would be created within the Doodles Discord server automatically. That Discord forum is linked on our Doodlebank 1.0 page, and vice versa.

This ideally would consolidate scattered discussion on Discord into the proper channels. Also, discussion/questions/temp check voting can happen in both places.

Of course, this would require a simple discord bot - which I realize may be a blocker. It would require development and an audit of the bot.

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This is an ideal first step for this proposal to get moving.

It’s important we use Discord as part of the solution, and allowing everyone in the Discord to participate in conversations that happen in a silo (on these here forums) will reduce a ton of friction, increase engagement, and create a net positive improvement.

A future iteration can try to solve the on-chain vote so it also lives on Discord, but in the meantime, I fully support your latest ‘microproposal’ idea @byhardy


I second the Discord suggestion.

I would go a little further to ask for a proposed flow and mechanisms of how holders on Discord would read, comment and vote on proposals.

This would be IMO the most important element as the engaged folks (people in are already engaging here and on snapshot. Having a seemless Doodler user journey to brings the DB context into Discord seems like it would move the needle more than a 2X better web-version of the current forum on Doodlebank.

A second suggestion is to introduce a cadence. works IMO because it uses weekly epochs. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about when I was contemplating another project.

Perhaps some timing element would help build behaviour and a point /reputation system can be built around engaging (comment, up /down vote, voting) in each epoch.

Appreciate this initiative @byhardy and team!


Love these ideas, and definitely want to jam more with the people focused on Doodlebank on these. But these are things we could discuss, decide on, and add with microproposals after we have built DB 1.0.

fwiw, we absolutely love the Prop House idea and it’s a great way to get people’s creative juices flowing.

Agreed. Having Discord integration will likely be very high impact, allowing people to engage much easier.

Definitely will expand on the Discord bot idea in our above proposal soon & update here.

Thanks for your feedback! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: