Doodlebank Council v. Full DAO?

I prefer a slow-roll to 100% DAO and would like to explore ways to achieve this result while keeping short-term, post-launch, brand building phase decisions more centralized (gasp!). I think representative democracy could be achieve by voting in a council of 7-9 people who control the doodlebank by proxy, including the founders with the remainder voted in by the community. We can look to SNX as an example of this approach. Perhaps this solves the low-voter turnout. An alternative approach is vote delegation, similar to AAVE and other protocols. The latter keeps a full-DAO as anyone can undelegate at any time to vote on issues as they see fit.

Once doods has established a strong foundation to build on top of over the long-term, then we could explore ways to become a full DAO. Perhaps a vote-drip over time, similar to how is dripping xyz airdrop over 100 months. The reasons for this approach are well documented and I feel fully apply here.


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I don’t agree with this. I believe the low voter turn out should not be considered an issue, but if it is, maybe there should be a way to reward voters for participating. A representative democracy would generate the same issues we see in countries nowadays, division, populism, corruption, and more. Let’s keep things as they are, and work on educating the Doodle community, especially newcomers, on how they can vote, when they can vote, and why they should vote.

Linking this topic to this thread: Creation of Doodlebank Council & Delegation

Thank you @marklar @SgtPeppers , let’s bring the debate to the above thread.

I think centralizing the power to that few would not be a great move overall. I agree there needs to be some incentive structure to get more people voting.