Doodlebank Evolution: People, Process and Technology Feedback and Improvement Ideas

Please use this discussion thread to provide constructive Doodlebank people, process and technology feedback and improvement ideas.

To improve clarity, please reference the ‘step’ in the process (this is the tl’dr from the long form Doodlebank vision and guidelines)

  1. Have idea
  2. Incubate idea
  3. Create a Doodlebank proposal thread
  4. Discuss, iterate, gain support
  5. Create a preliminary vote
  6. Founders re-introduce as a final
  7. Founders create final vote
  8. Receive funds, execute

Looking forward to collaborating with the community to evolve the Doodlebank, improve the utilization of our funds in an effort to provide value back to our community and grow the Doodles brand.

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Kudos to you Tom for taking the lead here - looking forward to a healthy, productive discussion here that hopefully results in a proposal that pushes doodlebank forward…

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Some notes from recent Discord discussion…

Biggest issues with existing DB process:
“clarity [of proposal direction], awareness/participation, and “complicated” user experience flow” — Mushy

“Proposal Quality
Community engagement/Voting
Lack of clarity on proposal direction” — Nes6152

“For the Doodlebank to function it needs to be smooth and efficient. Any layer of friction slows the decentralized gears down to a halt.” — 8270

Re: proposal direction clarity
“[proposal direction] does feel disjointed and there is no current set point where the proposal advances, as far as I’m aware, other than founder approval.” - doodlifts

re: increasing engagement in DB
“the other simple solutions might be, lowering quorum, making voting wayyyyy easier, maybe finding a way to use push notifications, or maybe including some kind of E.U. style simple proposal explanation in each proposal, like a word limited synopsis that everyone can understand to better enable people to be informed.” - doodlifts

"The number of proposals made is an important thing to optimize for — more action at the top of the funnel builds the average holder’s daily habit of interacting with doodlebank or think-tank … With better scope, we get more and better proposals.

With more proposals, we get more activity and engagement — and at that point we can start focusing on bottom of funnel improvements to streamline things some more." - sh0wie

re: Increasing awareness
“Someone should make a one page guide titled “so you just bought a doodle” that covers the doodlebank and the high level doodle ecosystem” — doodlifts

re: potential doodlebank council/mods
“v0.5 desperately needed with a council mechanism to replace preliminary vote … council is something already being considered internally … there for guidance/support of DB initiatives, not necessarily choosing/voting which ones get past the initial phase” — mushy

“One incremental step that would seem to be easy is if we had one of the mods just monitor doodlebank (or me) and create an official announcement in a new ‘Doodlebank’ channel that just said - a new proposal has been submitted with a link so people can comment… some initial vetting is required… We need to value the communities time and ensure they have confidence in the quality of the proposal if they’re going to commit the time to read it.” - notfuntom

"An establishment of a Doodlebank council/champions with the initial scope of:

  1. Vetting/refining initial proposals (not filtering ideals)
  2. Socializing proposals to the community
  3. Shepherding the proposals through the process
  4. Continuous, incremental improvement of the process." - notfuntom

“As the Doodlebank is now and how I see it continuing without a council with delegated votes is a very slow process that would rarely ever reach quorum, regardless of how many people in discord talk about the current proposal.” - 8270

…plan to keep adding here…

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Doodlebank Improvement Opportunity Ideas from Doodlebank Evolution Spaces

There have been a number of Doodlebank improvement opportunity ideas made by the community that can be mixed and matched in support of defining the next iterations of the Doodlebank.

To listen to the spaces, for additional context please find it here. I’d highly recommend it; ton’s of great conversation and ideas!

  1. Clarify the intent, goals, community boundaries, brand and usage guidelines of the Doodlebank (what sides can we bring to Friendsgiving if the founders/core team is bringing the Turkey?)
  2. Simplify the proposal discussion and administration technology platform (Discord, Discourse, Snapshot)
  3. Bring the proposal discussion and voting to where the community is (Discord, Twitter). Make this more seamless and integrate with Snapshot
  4. Introduce a Doodlebank council-esque group of proposal administration and facilitation stewards to facilitate the Doodlebank process, provide guidance and feedback on proposals (improve quality)
  5. Reduce the number of on-chain quorums required from 2 to 1 (could be for specific ETH thresholds)
  6. Reduce the quorum percentage threshold for at least the temperature check on-chain vote
  7. Allow for any Doodle holder to make a proposal to go direct to final on-chain approval (maybe this is ETH threshold based, or some other pre-approval requirement; ex. standard change)
  8. Define an expedited path for approval/release of funds (if low ETH threshold, pre-approved alignment to Doodlebank intent such as local activation events)
  9. Begin a proposal review and feedback process (including a recurring live discussion sessions) between the community and the community-stewards
  10. Begin a live recurring steward/council review and feedback session with the founders/core team to ensure brand alignment, solicit feedback and gain approval
  11. Start a dashboard that provides visibility the state of each proposal in the overall process, distribution of funds, execution results (tie back to on-chain transactions; Snapshot votes, transfer of funds, etc)
  12. Separate out a community-only Doodlebank, with a trusted, non-team gatekeeper (council/stewards) and/or fully decentralize it
  13. Create an iterative model/process for calibrating Doodlebank intent, increase of trust to stewards; eventually increasing the ETH authority to stewards over time as trust increases
  14. Reduce the quorum threshold to account for market conditions and engagement- can we utilize the TriWizzy Tournament vote to set a new baseline?
  15. Provide founder initiated, pre-approved Doodlebank opportunities (ex. 6 ETH put forward, 2 ETH a piece for 3 different global local activation events; top 5 ideas under 1 ETH) to the community
  16. Continue to have community-led Doodlebank refinement discussions on spaces, Discord, etc
  17. For proposals that are requesting funding for technology oriented solutions (engineering, cloud costs, licensing), make it easier for the community to have confidence the that ETH being requested is reasonable

This was captured at a point in time and will continue to be refined here.


Thank you @tom3.eth for taking lead on this!

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