Doodlebank v0.1 - vision & guidelines

One week ago, Doodles launched on Ethereum. We’re truly humbled with the response seen across the metaverse. We luv the Doodles :stuck_out_tongue::rainbow:

Doodlebank is our community treasury that will be used to scale our team and begin experimenting to grow the Doodles brand. At the time of writing, there is over 650 ETH in Doodlebank!

Our vision and how you can contribute

We want Doodles to bring the joy of NFTs to millions of households worldwide. To do this we need to bring the Doodles into the mainstream and foster advocacy among our passionate collectors. To help guide us, we, the founders, will divert our energy in these areas of focus.

  1. Doodlebank - hire awesome Doodles at the direction of the community on who and why so that we can sustainably experiment with marketing activations, new media and experiences. We want to build a small, multi-disciplinary team to ship quickly and cover all of our operational bases.
  2. Partnerships - leverage Doodlebank learnings in partnership discussions with world-class retailers, studios, platforms, and IPs. The founding team will optimize their efforts in the highest-engaging and highest-returning verticals in web2 media.
  3. (Later) Product - build a welcoming experience for collectors new to blockchain. All these new audiences will need to be onboarded and have fun, Doodly things to do. After all, there are only 10,000 Doodles.

We hope this vision helps you understand our priorities and guide your contributions. Here are a few principles we can all follow that will help with Doodlebank coordination:

  • Community - Treat each other with respect. Coordination requires human interaction and we all should have a high level of respect for one another in the forums regardless of the tension in the debate
  • Sustainability - We need to be responsible with funds and ensure we are not putting the brand, team or company at unnecessary financial risk. We, the founders, will pay extra attention to proposals that have the potential to grow treasury and improve the collecting experience
  • Validate before build - We won’t support chasing a pipe dream like building a game. Instead, we’ll use experiments to validate product-market fit and seek out the best partners that can do the heavy lifting to deliver world class Doodles experiences.

Doodlebank coordination starts with a champion

If you have an idea that you are passionate about, it’s time to put on your wizard hat or queenly crown and become Doodle champion.

Version 0.1 of the Doodlebank allows Doodle owners to vote for heavily discussed proposals that are put forth by a champion and upgraded by the Founding team.

As a champion, you are responsible for fostering initial discussion, refinements, farming dissent and garnering support! Only when your idea is truly ready should you put it up for a preliminary proposal.

Going from idea to preliminary proposal

Create a Discourse thread for your idea

Before an idea becomes a preliminary proposal, it must be discussed in our discourse forum to gather feedback, iterate and understand if there is worthy support. Once an idea feels “ready”, a preliminary proposal is created in snapshot by its champion and a vote is called.

The champion creates a discourse thread in New Proposal Discussion to discuss their idea and prepare for the preliminary proposal. Here’s an example discussion.

Creating a preliminary proposal

When an idea is ready for the next stage, the champion will use snapshot to conduct a temperature check vote on a preliminary proposal using the following template.

  • Doodle ID for Kudos: An ID of one of your Doodles. This might be used as a future surprise.
  • Discourse: Link to your thread in “New Proposal Discussions”
  • Rationale: Concise argument for your proposal
  • Timeline: When will kickoff be, milestone dates, any time expectations goes here
  • Goal: Set high level goals we will achieve. Numbers backed by past experience is even better
  • Cost: What is the ask?
  • Accountability: how is the money secured and managed? who will be accountable?
  • See example of a final proposal here

Failing to follow the template or farm enough feedback/support will result in your proposal being removed by the founders.

A quorum of 15% must be reached in order for the proposal to be upgraded. Because 1 Doodle = 1 vote, there must be a vote turnout of 1,500 Doodles (and majority support) before the proposal becomes eligible for an upgrade.

Upgrading to a final proposal

Once a preliminary proposal reached quorum and majority support, the Founders will upgrade that proposal and reintroduce it as a final proposal adding necessary detail or context. We will try our best to stick to the original vision of the proposal but there is business, legal, and financial implications that need be considered and can potentially lead to restructuring.

After a final proposal has been created it will be shared across the entire community to maximize voter turnout.

  • Voting for final proposals is done in snapshot
  • Final proposals are created by the founding team

We acknowledge that proposals range in level of effort and cost so we want to set quorum thresholds that ensure we have higher turnout whenever more money is being spent

  • Stacks - the smallest of proposals. funding tooling, one-off activations, assets
    • 5% quorum
    • Less than 10 ETH
  • Racks - medium size proposals like long term contracts or experiences
    • 10% quorum
    • 10-25 ETH
  • Duffel Bags - major decisions and production expenses
    • 15% quorum
    • More than 25 ETH

We look forward to collaborating on the future of Doodles with you all. Let’s make exciting proposals and learn a lot about coordination from Doodlebank v0.1!

Thank you all for the support.

<3 from Tulip/Burnt/Poopie


Hello! I have spent my entire adult life in business development. I have helped scale a multi million dollar e commerce and real estate businesses through marketing, hiring, and managing efforts. I am deeply involved in the crypto/NFT space and I am the proud owner of Doodles 9956 & 9272. I will never sell 9956 because it is my identity. I would stop everything and dedicate my self to working for the team if the opportunity presented itself. I am a hardworking father of 2 who wants nothing more to do something I love for a living.


Thanks for this breakdown. Interested in your thoughts around quorum for Preliminary vs Final proposals and how you choose those %'s, what was the motivation for making Prelimary the same level as Duffle Bags?


A good start. Thank you team.


Sounds great - this is very helpful info to get started.

What, if any, options are there for voting down proposals? I guess a lot of this process relies on the amount of actual participation, but if holders are as excited as I am, the thresholds seem relatively low. I’m just worried that a fair amount of ideas that aren’t fully formed or haven’t been looked at critically enough by the community will get through to upgrade stage.

Also was wondering how we are calculating the total amount held in the Doodlebank at this point? If 2.5% of secondary sales, at 12.6K ETH volume traded at of 9:30am est on 10/25, seems we should have 315 ETH + 420 ETH = 735 ETH?


Amazing.Hope doodlebank can successfully help doodles


I agree, but i am also concerned with holders that are inactive and not casting votes so nothing goes through if the quorum is too high


This is a good point and I wonder if there is something we should do to encourage engagement. I know the one doodle = one vote rule will remain, but perhaps something within the process can assign heavier weight to active holders.

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I’m assuming voting and participation = desired community behavior.

Since snapshot voting is trackable, what if regular participation conferred some status / role within the community. For instance, promotion to OG role in discord. Members would need to participate in a minimum of 35% of voting proposals over a 6 month period to maintain that status. I’m unsure if a snapshot bot for discord exists but that would help with the administration.


good one, I second this


Great idea and excellent to include a measure of how sustained engagement is. I know that was just an example, but what ideas can we come up with for current OGs?

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great start team happy to be here! ill start brainstorming :slight_smile:


amazing, can not wait to see how far the team can take this


Amazing forum I love the breakdown, makes me more clear on the project, i will continue to support

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happy to be onboard for this journey

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I’ve got 10 years in marketing activations and experiential events and am down to help in any way I can. Just give me a dm if you ever need anything.

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Hey all! Proud owner of doodle #9054 here. Wanted to stop by and thank you all for the hard work and amazing growth we’ve had in our community. I’m hoping to become more active in this space and look forward to contributing where I can!

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This project is amazing!
I’m not a doodles holder but I like doodles very much. It can give me a chance to take part in doodles community. Thank you SPOOKLES! :heart_eyes:

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A good start. Thank you team.,every thing will be fine