DoodleGive - An experiment on charity related brand awareness


We’d like to propose a once-off donation to a crypto charity event to measure the ROI of charitable giving for the brand-equity of the Doodles whilst doing some good at the same time.


@Jingaling - Doodle ID : #2179, #8896, #9288
@Explorer - Doodle ID: #7406


As Doodles, we espouse the value of community and collective effort but we must also recognise that we are part of the global community. To this end, we think that the Doodles should use the power of our community to make a real and tangible difference in this world through supporting organisations that help those who are in need. By using a set amount of funds (to be voted on) from the Doodle Bank to support charitable efforts, we are helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves and also showing the world that we are more than just NFT collectors, we are a community that cares and a community that gives.

This is meant to be an experiment to be learned from. Not a long term commitment to allocate a certain % of funds. If it goes well, this will help inform future charitable Doodlebank initiatives.


To help lots of people, gain awareness of Doodles in the passionate crypto-for-good space, and learn about the potential ROI for future Doodles charity efforts.

Initial Plan

  1. Use snapshot to vote on amount to dedicate to match
  2. Match donations in an upcoming (2 December 2021) crypto charity event with Sam Bankman Fried (SBF) and friends, hosted by one of our fellow Doods (What Good Is Crypto? - a discussion on effective giving | GiveDirectly)
  3. Share the news through a social push (both official and unofficial)
  4. The Life You Can Save has agreed to announce us as the only NFT project matching a donation (other matching orgs include FTX)
  5. Analyze the success/ROI of our investment through tracking retweets, likes, general social sentiment, and new eyes on our project
  6. Use these learnings to help direct future Doodles charity efforts.

Event overview

Join some of the biggest names in crypto for a special discussion about the impact the crypto community can achieve with its giving and how blockchain technology can help create more effective and disintermediated anti-poverty programming.

Donations leading up to and during the event will go to people living in poverty through GiveDirectly, a nonprofit that lets donors send money directly to the world’s poorest households. About 90¢ of every dollar donated goes directly to people living in poverty, giving them the freedom to decide how to improve their own lives.


  • Make a positive difference in this world
  • Improve the perception of the Doodles brand/community
  • Spread the Doodles to a wider audience

Panelist Twitter reach

Total panelist Twitter reach = 960k followers

Stretch Goals

Make charitable giving an official function of the Doodle Bank, with an appointed committee of Doodlers.


How much should we match at this event?

  • None
  • 2 ETH
  • 5 ETH
  • 10 ETH
  • 15 ETH

I think this is great the very positive exposure could be big moving forward


Hey all! FYI I’m the organizer of this charity event. Happy to answer any questions! Really excited to hear everyone’s thoughts on doing lots of good and growing awareness by showing the world the charitable power of our community.


This is such an amazing proposal. You guys inspire me every day! I support this fully.


Your response is inspiring. Really appreciate the kind words.

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Thanks! And agreed this could be really good exposure for us.

Fantastic idea, this is the right example to be setting for the force of good that comes from NFT communities.

I would also suggest to add on top of this donation, the team could create a 1 / 1 dood inspired by a theme of love / doing our part etc that could be auctioned off and the money added to the matched donation?


THIS IS IT! I WOULD VOTE THE HELL OUT OF THIS PROPOSAL (with my measly two doodles :stuck_out_tongue: )

" 1. The Life You Can Save has agreed to announce us as the only NFT project matching a donation (other matching orgs include FTX)"

^THIS IS HUGE FOLKS. Doodles would be one of the first NFT projects to show how we can give back in a HUGE way, through official, legit, accountable channels. Also SBF is a huge name in crypto so getting Doodles noticed by him would be almost better than getting noticed by Melon Husk lmao.

Only suggestion - can you increase the maximum donation to 25 eth? I would vote for that. 100k USD in fiat sounds like a good number.


You’re spot on! The headline writes itself. And yes we will fine tune the donation amount poll. $100k in fiat would really turn some heads.

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I support this proposal!


Super well written proposal. I’d like to us create a philanthropic part of our shared endeavor. I’m less interested in doing it to get exposure (not sure we need it really) and more so because it’s the right thing to do, will define our community, and can be seen as a “perk” of joining.

What more can you tell us about The Life You Can Save? Why should we be supporting this non-profit other than the fact a few influential crypto folks are backing it?

I personally would rather see us create a proposal to give back, then use the community to crowd source non-profits and charities to send money to and finally have a monthly or quarterly vote to determine where the funds actually go. This would allow us to activate the community, spread the wealth, and stay topical as the needs in our world evolve.


Lots of good thoughts, and I’m happy to answer questions about The Life You Can Save and why this is a good fit for crypto giving. The Life You Can Save is an org that helps make smart giving easier by recommending charities that improve or save the most lives per dollar.

All proceeds from this particular event go to GiveDirectly. There are a number of reasons this aligns really well with crypto:

  • Their focus is getting money directly to people in extreme poverty, with the least amount of fees and middleman in-between. Many think this is a great use case for crypto.

  • It’s a popular charity among effective crypto givers. One popular example is it’s one of Vitalik’s favorite charities. See one of his public donations here

  • Crypto aside, and speaking strictly impact, unconditional cash transfers to the poor have sparked a lot of research interest and could be one of the most effective ways to give. See some of the research here

So, if Doodles wanted to increase the impact ROI of a donation, GiveDirectly is one of the best places to give.


Amazing idea. I fully back this idea and appreciate the well thought out proposal. I did some research on GiveDirectly and it definitely hits the mark for deploying proceeds to the cause verses administration. I have some concern about receiving enough votes by the time the charity approaches so think we can benefit by thinking out some additional opportunities down the road.


Appreciate your thoughts! We’re really looking to fast track this as much as possible given the timelines. If you or anyone else wants to help spread the word and get more discussion in here, would be really grateful :pray:

Great initiative @Jingaling @Explorer and well written proposal :smiley: If anything, it’s fantastic that as a community we discuss giving and sharing the doodles fam love with others.

Would you like to put this to a snapshot vote and get a temperature check?
The options for matching (including none) + 25eth option.

Perhaps some clarity on what happens after the matching has been done?
For instance, will we as a community get updates from the recipients?


Thanks for the feedback it really means a lot! I’ll connect with @Jingaling to add info on the plan after matching is done. But I can personally guarantee I’ll work with GiveDirectly on info from recipients and follow up with an announcement after the event.

As for Snapshot, great idea. I’ll start one now.


May I suggest to start the snapshot after 9am Pacific Time. so as to maximize voter participation. Let’s check if there are any other proposals being pushed out at the same time so as to maximize awareness. There’s a a discussion on incentivize voting with POAP which we as a community we can vote on too.

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@Colby-GET - I really like this idea of creating a 1/1 Doodle but think that it might add too much complexity to this initial proposal - but it would be a great initiative to work on for our next charitable endeavour if we find that this initial experiment brings that value that we hope it will. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Thanks for your feedback @AceNFT. I fully agree that the most important reason to donate is because it is the right thing to do. I like the idea of getting the community involved for crowd sourcing non-profits and charities and it’s definitely part of my long-term goals to try an implement something like that.

What I do like about this opportunity is that it is an immediate win with a reputable charity that will get the ball rolling and hopefully pave the way for future philanthropic endeavours.


My thoughts echo those of @AceNFT.

I absolutely love the idea of creating a way to give back from our Doodlebank, but I would like to see more Doodlers involved with the amount of ETH that is going out and plus something more ongoing. I also like the messages regarding us doing the right thing, not just for the extra publicity.

I think an additional proposal could be to create a charitable giving committee made exclusively from Doodlers. This would allow us to vote on or utilize our funds for multiple causes and extend our reach beyond just once event.

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