DoodleHub - A new way to chat & host events for all Doodles!

Hey all doodles!
This is my idea called DoodleHub, the basic plan was to construct a platform for doodles, & only doodles. For every past NFT Series the main chat was always hosted via discord, but discord brings it’s barriers & so does other platforms too, so what about combining cool features and put them together in one app? - All screens displayed (bright)

Login - Via Metamask you can search up your doodle ID and verify owning it
Home - This page is used to display a good timeline, and current chats like groups or events etc.
Chat - (example shown) - Link of Darkmode Image

This is only a concept and I’ll build many other features to help grow this project, I hope everyone likes this :slight_smile:


I just want to say your designs are amazing. I don’t know if we need to replace discord yet, and building an app is no small feat, but if and when we do I want you to design it!


I love the concept. It would be useful in the future with more doodle projects put in place. It could serve for coupons or some sort in merch, coffee, events and more.

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I agree here. The cost outweighs the benefit for now. Discord is good enough.

The design however looks amazing. I want it to be a thing, but does it need to be? Probably not.

Much love, Mr. B


It looks beautiful but what does it solve that Discord doesn’t do? I worry that introducing a separate app that people need to use would reduce engagement. It’s easy to leave Discord open and hop around servers. I worry that fewer people would think to open the Doodles app as much. It does look really cool though.

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Defo think a secure Doodles app would be legit!

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Yooo these designs are SICK! I would be down to help build it out if this happens.

I’m guessing the difference from discord is, this app would only for verified holders?


Looks good. I also want to help build it out