Doodles activations & contests funding + Doodles dust tip jar

Seeking to approve a budget of 25 ETH for 3 months.

  1. 10 ETH to fund community contests prizes and contractors.
  2. 15 ETH to create Doodle dust as rewards for:
    A. Rewarding proposal champions and their teams for successful implementation.
    B. Tip jar for community event organizers, content creators and artists (monthly, community-nominated)


1. Fund community contests prizes and contractors (adhoc)

Goal: Farm vibes. Increase meaningful participation and engagement in the community.

  • Proposals for contests and activations need not pass through DB as long as approved by @Mushy / Discord Mod Team
  • Similar to Lore Wars contest, upcoming Doodles Music cover art contest.

No specific requirements, except:

  • Conflicts of interests clause: organizers are not eligible to receive payments or engage related companies, unless approved by the mod team.
  • Minimum engagement: More than 50 holder participants for prizes to be unlocked. (benefit and engage more doodlers as opposed to a small niche)

Examples of payments:

  • 0.2 ETH to pay animator to animate winning lore entry (contractor payment).
  • 0.05 ETH to purchase prize Doodles merch for raffle contest (prize).
  • 2 ETH to engage mural artist to paint winning Doodles (contractor payment).

With funds pre-approved in this proposal, we can move fast and encourage regular contests. Removes current barriers such as finding resources, preparing proposals and passing the snapshot vote.


  • New ETH wallet managed by @Mushy (Doodlebank manager) with wallet address made known to the community.
  • Contractor payments to be made known via #updates (same thread as founder and royalty payments)


2. Create Doodles Dust wallet for A) Rewards and B) Tip jar

Used to purchase 15ETH of DOODLE tokens from vault Buy Doodles | NFTX
Approximately 1 DOODLE to be used for Doodles dust rewards (1st experiment)

Fractionalized based on t-shirt sizing shorthand (approximate eth value):
XS - 0.001 DOODLE (0.015 ETH)
S - 0.002 DOODLE (0.03 ETH)
M - 0.004 DOODLE (0.06 ETH)
L - 0.006 DOODLE (0.09 ETH)
XL - 0.01 DOODLE (0.15 ETH)
XXL - 0.02 DOODLE (0.3 ETH)

Valuable, on-brand rewards and incentives to encourage community participation in building the brand. Doodlebank has been quiet for a while, this is an experiment to sustain meaningful activity.


  • Managed by @Mushy with wallet address made public to the community (same wallet as ETH).
  • Should the experiment succeed, future DOODLE tokens to be held in Gnosis multisig wallet with cosigners consisting of mods or community members in various timezones.

2A. Reward Doodlebank proposal champions and their teams
Building on a past proposal by Mushy: Doodle Dust as Incentives

Goal: Reward proposal execution and incentivize quality proposals in Doodlebank.

Simultaneously execute DB guidelines refinement and forum clean-up.

  • Proposal champions to prepare proposals, now with ‘briefs’ and suggested categories.
  • Briefs to be prepared with Doodles team, based on key activation themes and Doodles calendar of events/releases and published in Discord and DB.
  • Update DB guidelines to have suggested categories and no-go areas.
  • Avoid ‘no-go’ areas (such as proposal for Doodle tokens, or derivative collections).
  • Archive in-active or outdated proposals to remove forum noise.

Rewards are distributed in 2 stages.

  1. Successful preliminary and final proposals.
  2. Successful implementation (max 2 months if it’s an evergreen initiative).

Assessment (XS to XXL) of the appropriate amount of Doodle dust rewards to be determined by moderators and Mushy or a panel consisting of mods + community at the end of each stage.

2B. Tip jar for community organizers, content creators and artists

  • Monthly distributions, community nominated, mod accessed and approved.
  • The team as well as community members can nominate folks to be tipped in an activity channel on discord #tipjar.
  • The moderator team will review nominations, and make sizing determinations (usually XS to M)
  • Mushy will make transfers of Doodles Dust to individual wallets.
  • Updated in #Updates as well as News stand.

Who are eligible to receive tips?
This list is non-exhaustive:

  • Organizers of online or IRL events (including contests) that have benefitted a number of doodlers.
  • Volunteers for official online or IRL events.
  • Content creators that have created specific content (art, articles, tweets, videos, twitter spaces) that has positive brand impact.
  • Builders / devs that build on top of Space Doodles, licensed properties.
  • Individuals or agents that bring valuable licensing/cross-licensing opportunities.
  • Talent referrals: bringing talent into the Doodles ecosystem for building or promotion (i.e. Team hires a developer you introduced. Your friend who’s a celebrity bought a Doodle on your recommendation)
  • Super-helpful Doodlebank supporters who provide the right amount of dissent and constructive opinions.
  • Doodles newsletter contributors.
  • Ruggles stuff. IYKYK :smiley:
  • Excludes commissioned works / commerical works paid for by others.

Examples of content creators:

Timeline for executing this proposal

  1. Feedback + discourse phase (1 week)
  2. Snapshot vote targeted: April 8 or 9th, final proposal a week and a half later.
  3. If fast-tracked for final proposal, community fund wallet to be created and published on discord, DOODLE token to be purchased.
  4. Contests, #channels can commence immediately after final vote.
  5. Guidelines and briefs to be updated on Doodlebank by the end of April
  6. Push for deployment of funds over next 3 months.

Thank you! Let’s get this done.


This is a great proposal and has my full (1 vote) support. Much love


Very thought through! You have my votes.


Phenomenally written proposal and excellent idea. This is how all proposals should be done :clap:


I want to see this go forward. You have my support.


great initiative to reward the community builders. has my full support


I support this 100% I think this is a great proposal to gain more exposure


Thank you for the thoughtful proposal @ayhth , as always !

In 2A, you’re mentioning “guidelines refinement and forum clean up” and I wanted to go even further on this matter : Would it be possible to think about other tools to use than the combo forum x snapshot for DB? Have you already given a thought about how to streamline this process ? Can’t we work out something integrated within Discord for instance ?

Because although dust is probably a good incentive, I also think giving an easier access to the proposals in the first place would be even more efficient and would have a greater impact on holders engagement with DB.

(We need more tools and interfaces designed specifically for Web 3 for god sake)


Thanks Dood!

Good problems you’ve raised:

  • Friction interacting with DB
  • Friction interacting with snapshot

IMO, since DB is integral to the Doodles brand, it could be relevant to raise a proposal to build a custom integration/bot that allows voting and proposal review within Discord.

Long ago I heard the team was doing something exploring an all-in-one Doodles branded platform. 2022 has a lot of new DAO startups too that might better integrate proposals + social + snapshot. Coordinape is one of them, but raises other challenges.

I agree with the issues you raised. We need more doods to put our heads together to figure this out :slight_smile:

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Great proposal, in full support of this. Juiced is all over the TL on Twitter, gotta support these champions.


Love it. As you’ve shown @ayhth doods are doing this already anyway, so why not compensate them for their work. Once people understand this, the proposals and work will follow. I’m all for it.

Some broad thoughts on proposals:

We should have a clear goal for use of the money. Obviously, we all want to get richer, but there are many ways to do this.

  1. Is the intention to try to drive wider interest in the project and benefit indirectly?

  2. Should we build some sort of a product that makes use of the IP and is collectively owned that we directly benefit from?

  3. Should we be funding other builders?

  4. Should we buy a bunch of Azukis and fractionalize them?

  5. Should we fund an organization that makes things better for the space overall?

  6. Should we fund a startup making a product that other bluechip projects would want/need to use?

  7. Should we just launch one of the big mascots into space on the next Space X mission?

Let’s pick something fun and manageable so that we can get it going quick and test out the process! Literally anything!!

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Brilliant suggestions and guidance. Thanks Dood!

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Love this proposal, nothing more to add. Send it to vote


Nth example

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Love the idea! You have my vote!

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I do not see any progress on doodles moving forward, no any big updates since space doodle, then why we need more budget to spend?
BAYC is no.1 project in NFT but they are still trying hard to deliver more and more products, shouldn’t doodles try even harder as a chaser?
And the 25ETH is for community building, but we already have a wonderful community and doodles already well known among NFT circle, why waste money on that? what we need now is new exciting feature and development on products.
So I vote NO.

Thank you for sharing your opinion. This is indeed the space for that.

To offer a different view:

  1. Building new features and furthering the development of Doodles - that is already happening with the last approved proposal: Team scaling proposal v2

Also, this is coming soon:)

  1. Doodlebank is intended for the community to be involved in building the brand (see: Doodlebank v0.1 - vision & guidelines) , not just community building. This proposal seeks to enable more community members to be involved in building the brand with lower friction than having to submit proposals via DB to be approved.

  2. I absolutely agree that we have a wonderful community. In fact it’s the community’s desire (Get sushi a doodle!) to help tip and reward others when they contribute to this awesome community with their time or creativity.

We have the budget for both development of the product and brand as well as to empower the community, so why not both!

Doodlebank is special as it pioneered this idea of community being involved in making financial decisions. Your dissent is a part of this design, so I do appreciate it. Thanks Dood!

The Final Proposal has been upped from 25 ETH to 50 ETH primarily to allow less-restrictive use.

The proposal itself still remains the same; some allocation to $DOODLE and rest to community-interests that request funding. Some text was also adjusted to be less-restrictive; allowing adaptation of the proposal just in case others want to get involved in the request process, and to allow flexibility on values.

Latest values and process details can be found: Process and Details for the Community-Interest Fund and Doodlebank Dust - Google Docs

Love the proposal - you have my vote!

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