Doodle's and Movember - Charity to save lives

The Hype cycle is hard, and I think Doodles could do a lot to help make sure more people are going to make it. I’d like DoodlesDao to help me purchase 3 floor mustache Doodles to then Auction off to donate to Movember.

Globally, the rate of suicide is alarmingly high, particularly in men. Too many men are ‘toughing it out’, keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling in silence. Movember is aiming to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25% by 2030,

I plan on doing 1 myself no matter what, but think this would be a wonderful first move aligned with timing.

I hold Doodle 4980, but no chance I’m selling my Doodle Ted Lasso


Just wondering no attack here, what does it change for you to do the auction instead of the actual doodle account? My thinking just goes to the probability that either the doodle account or the founders might have a bigger reach than o of us. But then again, I don’t know you lol you might be super famous and I’m being silly here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m doxed, feel free to read my rambling about the metaverse, but no, it would be a much bigger deal if they did it then if I did it.

Would like them to:

  1. Host the auction
  2. Make a Doodle Movember Channel in the discord where we aware the largest Doodle fundraiser with a Movember Doodel
  3. Talk publicly about why they are doing it / care / mental health.

Big fan of this. Been doing Movember for years now, I’d love to see the Doodles involved