Doodles animated short experiment on Doodles YouTube channel (vision: a show on Netflix)

I’d like to propose creating a YouTube channel for doodles to develop and test ideas for a doodles show. The channel is initially seeded by a 3 to 5min animated webisode which this stack will fund.

Our experiment seeks to : 1) Develop and test what a doodles show can be. 2) Experiment and design a process for community involvement in IP development.

Make a cartoon, get it on Netflix, grow the value of the NFT into a billion dollar property

After initial animation contract phase ends on Dec 3rd as covered in snap shot 1
1. Setting up a community-driven writers room on discord:

  • appointing a lead producer from the community with existing webtoon or animation production experience.
  • ‘success metrics’ to be discussed and laid out.’
  • community effort to continue to flesh out the lore and characters using the base doodle head types such as skelly, popsicle, cat, etc. Building on the first attempts at world building in snapshot 1.
  • key element in this proposal is community participation. should quality be an issue, to hire a temporary contract writer if there’s no progress after 3 weeks.
  • to note: getting a community to be involved in IP development is non-trivial and has a higher chance for failure compared to outsourcing this to founders + production company.

2. Animating the short and community talent auditions for voice overs

  • after the writers room has delivered the script. a new discord channel should be set up for talent auditions (voice-over key).
  • should applicants be numerous, the writers room will first filter talents for a subsequent community vote.
  • effort will be made by the community to reach out to voice talents/ celebrities on twitter to lend their panache (much in the spirit of ‘the simpsons’).
  • should community talent be inadequate, stack budget should enable the hiring of 2 to 3 voice over talents to fill the roles temporarily.
  • ideally, animation will be led by someone involved in the contract animation phase (like alfie), aided by the community producer and an additional contract animator to speed up the short development.

3. Finding prospective show buyers (stretch 1)

  • twitter raids, emails to specific industry buyer accounts.
  • if optioned, move on to next proposal for budgeting and appointment of a production company for show development.

4. Multiple shorts (stretch 2)

  • should success metrics be fulfilled, initial another proposal for a rack-sized budget to produce more shorts to launch with a targeted release scheduled of 1 per N week(s) on the YouTube channel.


  • tread the line between PG-13 and adult carefully so as to allow kids to appreciate the art style while appeal to the adult sense of humor and social commentary. merchandising will be a huge opportunity if you make it kid-safe.
  • probably avoid the use of expletives and explicit use of substances while making reference to the culture e.g. 420, 69. (simpsons + futurama vs rick & morty).

Doodle NFT animation tests and world-building is likely to proceed with the first snapshot underway. This builds upon it.

If we want our NFTs to be worth the moon or whatever, ignore what the others are doing with tokenized DAOs for a moment and recognize that doodles has the chance to be entertainment IP worth a gazillion.

Instead of going the way of metaverses , gamefi, investments, doodles plays into its strength as having a unique personality and a cast of characters.

Timeline: December 4th 2021 - January 31st 2021

Budget: Stacks


I love it. I can see a whole sketch where a character complains for a bit that he lost his left eye, just to realise he could not see it because of a black background.


I love the idea! I think the YouTube channel should be very scarce though (initially) - in the sense that uploads are spread out so hype is built up over time. A little foreshadowing through shorter (maybe 1-3 minute) animations could leave people on the edge of their seats. Kind of in the fashion that the 2 animations were posted to Twitter. The animation style is already to die for, there’s no questions there, it’s now about being humble with how much information and entertainment is released over time.

Regardless, I think a YouTube channel is a necessity!


Love this. Sounds like it would depend heavily on Burnt Toast and Alfie’s involvement to keep everything on brand across the Doodles universe but if they’re in and it doesn’t conflict with whatever they’re working on, sounds great! I have 10+ years of improv comedy experience as well as organizational administrative experience and would love to throw my hat in the ring for helping in any way I can if I could be of use. :slight_smile:


HA! Yes please this needs to be a short.

Great idea! That also give us more time for prepare each short.

The initial proposal is for 1 short. This is to get the community working together creatively and to arrive at both a process (how we work together and where the gaps are) as well as the product (short)

We could all use a little bitty of help!


Brilliant idea, Youtube exposure could bring more eyes to Doodles in the future, 1-2 mins length is also good enough, probably the tricky part would be voicing for the characters/ script writting, but yeah, I want nothing but to see animated Doodles with storylines.


Great idea, doodles is for everyone. I could also share my doodle love with my little son or family


Yeah big fan of this idea!! <3 loving this forum aswell!


Good preliminary proposal.

I wonder a little bit about the target audience. I agree that ideally we would aim for a PG-13 type of rating, but doodles with cigarettes are going to be a bit of a tougher sell…


Agreed. This is where we’d have to make a choice and debate about it. It can still swing either way.


My idea for a longer series

Ok so hear me out lol, but I’ve been brainstorming.

Let’s say the doodle show would be a whole world with different fractions/ environments.

Santa would live in the cold region, and rule over the puffer doodles.

The golden ape would live in the jungle region and rule over the apes.

Aliens would live on the moon and self govern themselves.

Wizards would have a wizard council and live in the mountains with the flame doodles.

And coffee doods would reside in the capital city’s with the regular doods.

Our main character would be doodle mascot with the side kick poopie cat.

And our evil protagonists would be the “colorless” doodles who hate regular doodles for their cheer and happiness, and their one goal is to remove all color in the doodle world.

We could build around that, and have several different story arcs.

For instance with the aliens we could go interstellar and visit the bayc for episodes, or the north pole to help Santa. Or the jungle for our doodle apes. Or wizard missions with LOTR themes.

But the “colorless” doodles could all be counter parts, 1 Santa = 1 evil colorless Santa, wizard council= evil wizard counter

I have so many ideas and I would love to be involved as much as possible.


I love the concept. I 100% agree on being careful with target audience given that kids will most likely feel attracted to the art. Since proposed time for youtube vids is 3-5 minutes, a musical video could be an option. Great job on proposal


Agree, interesting idea.
The topic of target audience is something we should also discuss in the bigger picture of the brand Doodles. Should it target PG13, or should it be for gen-z/millenials who wants a more approachable (inclusive) digital identity?

Maybe this discussion should be held quite soon to make all the other processes easier, perhaps through a twitter space discussion etc?


Actually, I think the youtube channel is a great idea, gives us a hub to distribute viral content.

To begin, as a stand-alone or part of something bigger, we can create a catchy doodle theme song video. (sort of like the short intro video we have with the rainbow puke) but a bit longer and with catchy music.


I like the song idea, perhaps with an ironic/humours touch to appeal to millennials/gen-z?

When it comes to YouTube as a platform, it’s incredibly hard to get anything viral since a couple years back. Instead, TikTok is the place for viral content creation now. That doesn’t mean YouTube is a bad idea, just that we need to have that in mind. Probably promoting videos etc to get reach.


TikTok has a pretty specific demographic that it caters to and the format is vertical. Also things to consider.


I agree, the vertical ratio is something to take into consideration, but creatives have adapted and are booming on the platform.

Demographics of Tiktok is changing since its early days, with gen-z and millennials being the main audience currently. The algorithm also suggest videos catered to the viewer, so every feed will look different.


Agree on a multiple platform formats and promotional approach. Key to this will be how we leverage the community to be that organic 1st push across all channels. I suspect without spending on promotions, the merit of the content, the size and breadth of the doodles community and its connections might be able to generate significant buzz.

I suppose brand building, PR, marketing (if required) can be the subject of another preliminary proposal as it would have budget considerations.

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