Doodles Animation as a background to a Music Video

Imagine the next Gunna or Future (or Aoki/TimmyT) music video having doodles animations as the set and the artists are performing in conjunction with the doodles inspired animations

The song itself doesn’t have to have anything to do with doodles.

But like imagine that current animation trailer we have with that scene instead of the pickle bopping its head in the space ship you see Gunna rapping a verse while the space ship is shooting up etc (just an example of a scene for the kind of idea this is)

This would be like holy grail of NFT Marketing IMO


This is a solid idea. A couple questions:

  1. Which artist or genre would be the best fit?
  2. How in the world do we convince them to do it and who would pay for it?
  3. Would it be easier (and cheaper) to secure a Doodles cameo instead?

This is a good idea. If Doodles shows in a Music Video, should be in Movie, Drama on Netflix etc. That would enhance the doodles brand. We need to be careful to select artists, genre, context.

this feels like something we’d want to keep under wraps until a partner agrees to run it through the Doodlebank while also getting buy-in from every stakeholder involved. lots of red tape when it comes to pre-promotion

we’re going to publicize our list of advisors soon and once it’s finalized, you’ll find some doodles who are in music/entertainment. they could help achieve what you’re proposing.

kinda want to keep this one on ice until it’s ready


Yeah I agree it is a big project to manage with lots of red tape
Just wanted to put the idea out there, but sure happy to revisit down the line