Doodles Appear in an Animation Series (Unicornitopia)

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I am also part of the development/strategy team for Unicorn Detective Agency


Doodlers can get white-listed for an Animation Studio’s NFT collection called Unicorn Detective Agency:

  • 10 of White-Listed Doodlers will be chosen randomly to appear in the Animation Series that the team is creating. This appearance can be in main character format but also as props in the animations (e.x a Wallpaper on the wall or a Billboard in the Unicornitopia town where the story is happening)

  • Doodlers will have a white-list discount for minting the NFTs (which are on Polygon chain and meaning no gas fees/wars)

  • Depending on the unofficial support from the Doodle team, certain portions of primary sales can be reserved for the DoodleBank

Who is behind this NFT Collection?

This is a long-term NFT project run by TwitchPixel which has been in the business of Animations for several years (artists from Rick and Morty, HarmonQuest, etc. series). They have worked on other cool animations like these:

Why partnering with Doodles?

  • Depending on the type of partnership, DoodleBank can benefit from the NFT sales directly.

  • Expanding the universe of Doodles into other worlds can help with the long-term growth of the project. Like the idea of Star Wars appearing in literally all the common tv series we watch. This is an idea that the CyberKongz project has pursued previously with Rebel Seals NFT Collection

How can I learn more about this NFT project and the animation studio behind it?

The links below can help :slight_smile:

Happy to answer any questions that you guys might have :slight_smile:

This could be something to look at if the proposal about doodle lore and storyline goes through. this has potential

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