Doodles at MET Amsterdam and NFT & Bitcoin Miami Week

For this year 2022, I think Doodle should be more involved in leading live events that will boost the brand for the masses.
Few conferences that will lead to the main Doodles Summit in Q4.

I would like us to be involved in the NFT Thought Leaders space and collaborate with companies in the Web3 space.

Also one thing the last events was lacking of was we actually meet and get to know each other all the mega events were just big parties - not about networking and getting to know each other.

  • Bitcoin Miami x Doodles Miami Event on April 9th. (link will be post later)
  • MET AMS Festival in Amsterdam, we can have a dome just of our own.
  • The Doodles Summit in Q4

I am also able to suggest all other big summits but I think this year we need something special for Doodles Community and brand.

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More events is likely in the plan, so this is a great suggestion. Say more about the Doodles Summit idea in Q4 :slight_smile:

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I sent a detailed email to @tulip @Poopie waiting to hear from them about the global events strategy.