Doodles Coffee Roastery

Doodles Ruff Bag
(Doodles coffee rough mockup idea)


Our team would like to champion the development and launch of a Doodles coffee brand with a go to market product in 90 days or less.


1. Who are you?

My name is Jared. I am the proud owner of Doodle #9882. In 2015, I co-founded a specialty coffee roastery called Stovetop Roasters. A bit about us and our beliefs: we care about the people who grow, serve, and drink our coffee. At Stovetop we believe great coffee builds quality relationships, and quality relationships inspire great coffee. We’re serious about design, sourcing, roasting, and brewing, but what excites us most is coffee’s great knack for bringing people together.

Since its inception, I am truly humbled to say that Stovetop has grown into a national brand with award winning coffees, expert staff, and world class partnerships. My passion for doodling was a large part of the Stovetop genesis story. “Spreading joy through coffee and doodles”. Here’s an interview if you’re interested in reading a bit more on how I believe Doodles and Stovetop are value-aligned.

2. Tell me about this Doodle coffee brand…?

In the spirit of our Doodle-founders’ vision, the Stovetop team believes that a Doodle coffee brand has the power to bring the joy of NFTs to millions of households worldwide. Doodles are uniquely positioned to welcome new folks into the blockchain space and we believe that coffee could serve as an excellent brand vehicle to help bridge that gap. With it’s large market appeal (1 billion daily drinkers) and low barrier to entry, coffee is accessible to consumers of all kinds.

Stovetop Roasters would leverage its internal team, production roasting facility, and network of global partners to private label a Doodles coffee brand. I want to be clear that this would be a 100% Doodle-branded bag. We strongly believe the opportunities for a standalone Doodles coffee brand far exceed the limitations of a limited-run collaboration.

Our team would build and maintain an online marketplace (developed in Shopify) with single-order products and coffee subscriptions. Our proposed offering would include a blend tailored for espresso, another for drip, a decaf, and a rotating single origin. Each season we would hold a vote for the upcoming single origin release, giving the Doodles community an opportunity to steer the coffee roadmap.

Our staff would be responsible for sourcing, importing, roasting, quality assurance, fulfillment, website design/maintenance, and any other tasks related to making sure that Doodles coffee is delivering the highest quality experience to our customers. The only thing we would ask of the doodle community is to share the good news about Doodle beans far and wide.

3. How do I, a Doodle-holder, benefit from a coffee brand?

Brand Growth

The expansion of the Doodles brand from the digital into the physical space offers interesting opportunities and exposure to new markets. The opportunities are endless. From gifts, collaborations with influencers, selling wholesale to grocery/ markets, popups with our airstream coffee trailer. We have a LOT of ideas on how to scale the Doodles brand through our expertise in coffee.

Treasury Growth

We propose that 5% of all sales return to the treasury. Aside from an ROI/ consistent treasury revenue, this could also help to incentivize the Doodles community to act as an internal salesforce as each bag sale results in dollars back in their pockets.

4. Why is Stovetop Roasters the right fit?

  • We have skin in the game (three of our staff members hold Doodles).

  • We only make the kind of coffee we would want to drink… tasty coffee.

  • We are value-aligned with the Doodles community.

  • We have a team of coffee and branding professionals that are uniquely equipped to develop and implement exactly this type of project.

  • We love Doodles.

5. You say the coffee is tasty… can I try some?

You bet! Visit our website and use this coupon code to get a bag of coffee with our friends & family discount: DOODLEFAM20


Depending on if/when a proposal could be approved, we believe we could go to market in 90 days or less.

Approximately November 20, 2021 - February 20, 2021.

Budget: Stacks

Total: 5eth

2eth - 10,000 custom bags, packaging assets

3eth - Web/ product design, shopify development, and backend integrations


I don’t drink coffee but this is a super well written and thoughtful proposal. Excited to see what others think!


I think the premise is quite interesting, although I think the brand would benefit more if Doodles was to partner with them - therefore, I don’t think that a stipend for creating the project would make sense (i.e. 5e) as Stovetop Roasters would largely be the one marketed.

Love the packaging though, looks great!


Thanks for taking a read! Our aim here would be to leverage the roasting platform that we have built with Stovetop in an effort to build the Doodles brand through a private label relationship. There would be no hint of Stovetop on the bag, instead, a 100% Doodle-branded experience.

There are pro’s and con’s to a collaboration vs. a standalone brand for sure! We just think the vision of the Doodles brand becoming a household name could be better supported if it wasn’t limited to hitching itself to another brand via collaboration. Very much open to other opinions though!

Thanks again for reading, dood.


I love the idea! And especially the short timeline to release, I’ll prob get a bag to taste. @LedroitTiger what do you think about it?

I especially appreciate the fact that Doodles are members of the company, this would be a real community collab that is Doodle branded and made! I know we’ve been looking into how to bring the Doodles IRL, great coffee is just the way forward.


Absolutely love this proposal. Incredibly well written and thought out - not to mention the funds needed to launch this will most likely be replenished with the 5% back from sales. I also love the thought of having this as a Doodle specific coffee rather than a collaboration as it would help propel the brand.

So to clarify, this would be its own website and brand, just ran by the folks at Stovetop since you have the systems in place?


Thanks for taking the time to read, Flow!

Bingo! This would be the full Doodle coffee experience (branded packaging, website, etc) all essentially ghost managed by Stovetop. We have been production roasting/ fulfilling for ~5 years and have the infrastructure to manage this type of private label partnership.

Thanks for your kind words!

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Hi Everyone!

I’m David, partner with Jared at Stovetop Coffee Roasters.

I’ve only been involved with NFTs for about 5 weeks now, but Doodles was on my radar that entire time. I think I found the project originally through Zeneca’s discord (ZenAcademy). I wasn’t able to participate during the mint, but I’ve been a Doodle member for about 2 weeks and love the vibes here (actually picked up my 2nd Doodle a week ago).

I’ve been a fulltime telecommuting engineer for 20 years. I discovered specialty coffee at 40 and fell in love with the amazing variety of flavor profiles that can be found in light to medium roasts across the various coffee growing regions of the world. The struggles of small coffee farmers also resonate with my roots - I worked many summers on my family’s fruit farm and experienced the hard work as well as the very real financial struggles those small farms endured. Coffee also offers “telecommuter exhaustion” relief for me, as I often visit and work from a couple local small specialty coffee shops which offer diverse, creative, and welcoming communities. Espresso and creative communities fuel my work.

We launched Stovetop Coffee Roasters to help make high quality and carefully sourced specialty coffee more approachable to folks. Jared’s playful bag art helps us introduce new folks to the specialty coffee world which can often feel exclusive and intimidating to folks who don’t understand all the coffee nerd lingo. We like to say that we are all about “growing the specialty coffee pie” by bringing joy to folks through our art and quality coffee. This is perfectly aligned with the Doodle’s vision of bringing joy into the world through art.

Thank you for considering our proposal!


Having spoken with both sumopain and DavidKibler on the phone, I know they can and will do this project justice. They’re extremely passionate about coffee, and people, and have the experience to see this to fruition and beyond. Very happy to support this proposal :slight_smile:


I am lucky enough to live in the city where their cafe is and I can attest to the quality of the product, atmosphere and people that they employ.

I am 100% behind this project and I hope to have some sort of involvement in the physical community too!


Hey guys thanks for taking the time to make a very well structured proposal!

Would love to hear @Poopie and @tulip thoughts on using the Doodles brand in commerce. We need to be really careful with that because of potential conflicts of interest.

I also think that any product that represents Doodles needs to be top quality, carefully curated and approved by Doodles community. Speed to market should be secondary to top quality product development.

IMO it would make more sense if Doodles LLC controls the potential coffee brand and uses Stovetop Roasters as a partner for their expertise and as a whitelabel supplier. This way the team can carefully align their Doodles brand vision with the coffee brand and most of the profits would go back into the treasury.


Well constructed and high visibility proposal for a fairly low investment. Would love to support.


I absolutely love coffee. Would you ship overseas? Say Singapore? :pleading_face:


What a small stinkin’ world. So grateful to hear that you are familiar with the space and the coffee. Thanks for the support :heart:

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Hey friend!

We share that in common! Unfortunately, we are not shipping internationally at this time. The shipping logistics for a product with a shelf-life are challenging to manage; however, we are definitely open to continuing to explore this in the future.

Thanks for reading the proposal :heart:


We really appreciate your time reading and responding!

Definitely concur and would be eager to hear any thoughts from @Poopie and @tulip ! We understand that protection over the brand/ experience will be paramount to the community.

Totally agree that “speed to market” should be secondary to the quality of product. Fortunately, over the past ~5 years, we’ve had the privilege of refining our roastery systems/ operations to create high end coffee experiences, so we feel confident that our ability to quickly bring a product to market would not compromise its quality, but instead be a benefit to the community. Happy to try to answer any specific questions around how we remain quality-first in our roastery.

We’d love to work with Doodles LLC to align their Doodles brand vision to the coffee brand. They are the Doodle experts. Just so I better understand, when you say it would “make more sense if Doodles LLC controls the potential coffee brand”, what types of things would you like to see Doodles LLC control?

Thanks so much for your time thinking this through!


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Agreed, we need to know this will benefit all Doodle NFT holders


I think this is a fascinating idea and one that could do well if managed properly. However, coming from a finance background, I would love to see more detail around your financial forecasts, sales expectations and cost assumptions. Would you be able to provide something like this?

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Hi, this is an amazing idea, and love the clean doodle packaging on how it may look like.

Similarly, to @Jingaling’s comment it would be great to look into your financial forecast for the doodles X coffee. Probably, you could share the past sales figures when you launched similar a timed exclusive coffee product - This would give us an estimation on your current customer base as well as we can forecast added Doodles demand after the launch.

Proposed Recommendation (proceed with limited run as a market test)
Run a market test using your current website and with a limited qty. We could work on a quick prototype on the packaging and do a simple market sensing to validate the desirability and viability of a doodle branded coffee. Creating a new coffee brand is no simple feat and we will have to make sure that we survey the market and validate the pressures. The best way to do this is in a controlled environment.

If there is a slight uptake in your sales due to doodle branded coffee, this will give us the ability to validate these key assumptions before adding more investments into this.

As such, I would recommend approx 1-2 eth to run a quick market test which is quick, scrappy, and we can iterate from there. (and explore creating a standalone coffee brand if the market test is a success)

Once, we move from Market Test to a standalone brand, I would definitely like to revisit the profit sharing model given that it this is a white-labelling.

Happy to hear your thoughts!


Hey, thanks for the reply! What I mean by Doodles controlling the brand is that Doodles LLC can be the parent company of “Doodles Coffee” and Stovetop Roasters to act as a preferred partner to facilitate operations.

That means that branding, sales, marketing, logistics and customer service is operated by a dedicated team hired by Doodles LLC and sourcing of high quality coffee beans and packaging can be done by Stovetop Roasters.

This model would ensure that branding and marketing aligns perfectly with the team vision of Doodles brand and would potentially be more beneficial for Doodlebank.

Using the Doodles brand in commerce is a big responsability and needs to be carefully thought out.

These are just my thoughts and maybe your model would be easier to manage for Doodles team. Anyhow I think this is a great idea and coffee def should be part of Doodles universe.

Would love to keep this dicussion going!