Doodles Coffee Shop - Doodles Coffee

An irl coffee shop / hangout spot. Start with one shop in a major US city (my vote would be DC, Philly, or NYC). Doodles’ vibrant colors and joyous look and feel would act as a great gm to all customers.


  • Grow the brand - main value would be that this storefront would act as a tremendous marketing tool
  • Free coffee for all doods
  • Provide doods with an irl place to meet up, look at OS, and hang out
  • Put a certain % (if not all) of profits back into the treasury

Other thoughts:

  • Doodle themed drinks and designs in / around the store

  • Mural that tourists would want to take pictures with (for the IG)

  • Doodle ice cream as well with fun colors and names?

  • Vibrant Doodle bus for festivals and other events that provides ice cream and coffee?

  • I’d potentially be interested in building / running the shop.


Love this idea man.

It would add an irl touch to the brand and eventually move it towards a mainstream audience.

I’m a marketing grad and I’ve helped develop a banana café for a friend, so I’d love to help out with the details.


Sad that if this takes off, those of us not staying in the states will have to make an annual pilgrimage to doodles cafe :frowning:

This idea reminds me of how starbucks ties in strongly with music and features new artists and thematic selections.

I wonder as a simple start we could make a set of Doodles community curated spotify, apple and youtube music playlists. So that whereever we are in the world, we’re sipping on the same vibes when we have our morning cuppa.

Many tastemakers in the community can create multiple playlists and overtime it’ll be clear through popularity what the Doodles vibe sounds like.

Perhaps a variation of the physical idea is a pop-up doodles event fund. where members can self organize annual meet ups globally or partner with cafes around the world to make it more of a global doodles initiative (on the flip side, hipster cafes may want to be doodler certified when our brand becomes huge). That way you have the physical branding presence + a more decentralized execution


I think Doodle owner locations is important to keep in mind moving forward. However, with this idea I think the main goal / benefit would be the brand awareness and marketing component, so I think highly populated cities could be the best place to start for this idea.

But if the idea got pushed forward, we would definitely want to think about how it could be more friendly to those across the globe if possible.


Yah… I am not against a physical location, but I live in London… not sure I want to make the pilgrimage every year.

Also running this sort of thing is expensive, has ongoing operating costs, has employee and labor theory implications, would like it not to suck vs throwing events in different locations through out the year.

I love this idea - but a wholly owned and operated location funded by treasury could be a challenge, what about an existing shop partnered and able to use doodle branding/visuals, etc.

I can think of a few coffee shops in the Toronto area that could use a lil’ doodlification

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An excellent idea. As much as I would love for it to be in DC, where I live, I feel like the residents are a bit stodgy for this? Perhaps it would grow on them if done right. That said, I have roots in Philly and NYC and I think both (particularly Philly) would be great locations.

If it does end up in DC, I know that at least .16% of the Doodle population resides here, if not more. That’s a start! Also, would serve as a good base of operations for lobbying Congress to loosen scrutiny of DAOs and crypto in general!

Actually, you know what would be awesome? Setting up in a former warehouse space to serve coffee, but also to roast it and sell Doodle brand beans!

The best part about this idea is it is expandable, we can always bring it to other countries, regions and cities. Wherever there is demand. Alternatively we can partner with local coffee shops around the world who agree to a minimum standard of service and branding (similar to a franchise) and scale much faster.


I agree it definitely is scalable and doodles like the coffee. There’s already another proposal for partnering to sell roasted beans.

This is where i’m leaning as well. A budget for executing popups around blockchain-related events to start then we take those learnings and go wider targeting non-blockchain communities

Our superpower here is Burnt’s artwork so the more we get the brand out there, the more traffic we can drive to these popups. I believe Burnt mural’s are incredibly special and should draw crowds in their own right.


We could always start by just white labelling a brand and start the Ecommerce distribution. Then once the funds have been allocated, we can begin to partner with coffee roasters to brand certain types of coffee.

Doodle Mascot could be an Ethiopian blend of Coffee - As they have a very fruit forward profile, and the mascot is vomiting a rainbow.

Brittle bones could be a light roast, with a good mix of Arabica and Robusta to be extremely caffeinated.


Thanks for your proposal!

I would tend to be against this, I’m afraid it defocuses the team at the expense of core goals and activities. This requires decent amounts of capital and has low financial ROI.

This feels more like a ‘nice to have’ if we really make it as a community, i.e. 5 years from now.

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I tend to agree with Purple_Police on this. I think we should focus on the NFT/Art/Blockchain ecosystem as a vertical first before branching out into other business models.

I love the idea, but business wise I do not think it would be prudent of us to venture too far out. Something to consider at a later date, IMO.

Mr. B

I agree with you and Purple_Police. Sorry for the dogpile.

I haven’t seen examples where sponsoring a neighborhood cafe can get global awareness of a brand. Or even city-wide awareness.

I do not think cafe partnerships are as scalable as our strengths in the NFT ecosystem, in the Twitter influencer ecosystem - cutting through the noise with iconic design and a sharp point of view.