Doodles Coloring Book

TL/DR: A coloring book to engage people about Doodles, and inform newcomers about blockchain and NFTs.

I think a coloring book would be an excellent promotional item that would allow a wider world of children and adults to be introduced into the chill world of Doodles while tapping into their creativity. Although I am not an artist myself, I have a number of ideas on potential themes and formatting for the coloring book, including books featuring Doodles traveling, playing sports, engaging in recreational activities such as scuba diving, flying planes, sailing boats, riding motorcycles, and doing literally anything Doods do!

The coloring book could serve as an informational pamphlet about Doodles on the Ethereum blockchain, and about NFTs in general.

If we gave these out as swag at conferences such as NFT-NYC, Blockchain Beach gatherings, and other crypto events it would stand out as a unique and innovative marketing material that spreads knowledge about the project. In the wider world, the accessibility of the coloring book makes it a perfect opportunity to teach people, namely kids, who live outside of the blockchain industry about NFTs. When kids learn, they induct their parents, and then you start to see more of a mass effect.

If the idea is to spread awareness about Doodles and NFTs in general I believe this is a good approach, and welcome discussion on steps to implementation, possible roadblocks, and anything else under the sun.

Project overview:

Editor in Chief: Someone to ensure all art and content meets publication standards, and that the files are the proper format (within margins etc) to send to printer.

Artist: Anyone but ol’ Jeremy. If its Burnttoast’s art, then I think this goes without saying who it should be.

Content writer: Could be the same as the Editor in Chief, someone to put together the desired informational pamphlet on Doodles etc.

Printer: Third party

Storage: If there is an excess of coloring books, they may need to be stored at a volunteer’s home or office/storage facility.

This might also be an opportunity to sell the color pallet as a set of markets/colored pencils/pastels etc in tune with the coloring book, but we should also note that others may wish to ascribe their own aesthetics.


Got the same idea about the colouring book really glad someone else thought about it :slight_smile: :smiley:

Since you bring the idea of using the book as introducing people to the NFT world. There’s a potential partnership with COCONFT. They’re a minting platform but they target an audience of non nft user. They create material to explain blockchain etc. So there could be a nice fit there. Plus 2 of the founders are doodle owners and i think they know doodle founders too

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I may also be able to simply write the guide. I am a professional writer by trade, and I already work in the blockchain industry, so I have the necessary fundamental knowledge. If anything, I could help.

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Love this idea. A coloring book along with a set of markers with Doodle color palette would be great merch to have.

I think instead of printing blockchain and NFT info into the coloring book, it would be better to have a QR code or url which directs them to a site that can explain everything. I only say that because the tech is always changing and the site could be updated leaving the book to be a bit more timeless. Additionally that site can be attached to all the merch that’s sold by Doodles.


Love the idea of a coloring book!

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I agree with you. Info could be updated whenever we need if we use the QR.

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Yes! Then we could separate the creative faculties from the educational ones.

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Excited already to get one of this books for my daughter haha


Also could consider in the same process work on an Art book. I want an art book on my coffee table.

One thing to keep in mind is that Doodles even says on its website it’s not intended for children, and Burnt Toast’s artwork in general while having a pleasing-to-the-eye kid-friendly style often explores more adult themes. So we’d have to be very careful about how we went about this and maybe not target children as our audience. I’m not sure that’s the direction we want to go. I don’t know that we want to be branded as the NFT for kids.


I think adult coloring books are just fine.


Love this idea and the doodle art fits in with the colouring book animation style

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I love the idea of coloring books or storybooks, but I also think the Doodles are not for kids. Take the cigarette smoking ones as a clear example.

Would be a fan of adult coloring books :ok_hand: and by this I don’t mean like 18+ coloring books, just more so not focused on orienting for kids LOL
Easy enough to make one more neutral and technically be okay for kids to use and color, would expect more adults to pick them up for their kids than for themselves, but def refrain from the target audience being kids as we are an 18+ brand