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I’d like to make a proposal for financial and official brand support for our non-English speaking communities. The reason I bring up Spanish is because it’s my native language, it’s a very popular language and I feel I can personally help and provide value on the topic, given my perspective.

The worlds most popular languages, in order of popularity:

  1. English
  2. Mandarin
  3. Hindi
  4. Spanish

Spanish is the 3rd most used language on the internet!

Any native speaker knows that some things just don’t translate when you click ‘translate’ on tweets. All of the Doodles verbal announcements, twitter spaces, videos, etc. are in English.

In my opinion, there’s a lot of people out there that would resonate with the Doodles message if their native community was more involved. With Doodles2, I expect the gates into our ecosystem to open largely, but I still crave more. The American NFT market may be the largest financially, but once the world warms up to the idea of digital ownership, we’ll have a huge market to cater to. I know that native communities would appreciate Doodles having a multi-language infrastructure from the very start. It would show acknowledgement of the worldwide brand vision and where we all know this is headed. From a marketing perspective, it would give us the first mover advantage in those communities. It would help spark organic growth in native communities via Doodles, instead of Doodles receiving organic growth from the NFT industry growing as a whole.

If you’ve read this far - I hope this is makes sense to you. I’ll keep the proposal short and sweet.

My proposal for support:

  1. Official support from the Doodles brand, access to creative assets, collaborative efforts and close communication with Doodles team on new announcements/events, etc.
  2. Use of existing hiring funds (if we still have any) from most recent Doodlebank withdrawal to hire someone to direct the multi-language program… or hire part-time native language community managers that report to the Doodles team.
  3. Create/Manage social media profiles for each native community.

I may be biased :slight_smile: but I would like to be considered for the position if it goes through.

A few things about me:

  • OG Doodle :slight_smile:
  • Spanish was my first language
  • I’m self-employed as a graphic designer, so I can handle editing graphics and whatnot for content in other languages
  • Before being self-employed, for years I was a relationship manager and project manager, managing 65+ clients, tackling projects, hosting meetings, making arrangements, drafting emails, etc.
  • I own/manage @DoodlesEspanol on twitter • ᴗ •

Even if I’m not considered for the position - I really hope that this proposal gains some traction. Expanding to other languages early on is something other nft communities are neglecting in my opinion. We’ve always been different and proactive instead of reactive. Let’s do this.


This is a great proposal! Hope the team sees it and has responses regarding their plans on having global reach!