Doodles from the past!

Doodles trough ages!
First time when I saw doodles, I fell in love with them!
This project has given me many emotions, I have found out soul and love there. It’s not for nothing that finally I’ve seen this project in NFT top list.
I wanna say THANX to all team, I’m sure that their efforts inspire many people.
Of course Doodle team inspired me too, that’s why create my own doodle in the same colors and style. But they are not original Doodles, they’re doodles from the past! They are ancient mom and dad of doodles, their roots.
I have created only 3 forefathers:

  1. Greatooles
  2. Farooles
  3. Romooles
    It will be pleasure for me, if you appreciate my idea and support my first project <3

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