Doodles give back

Proposal to use 1-5 promotional Doodles to hold an auction and donate the proceeds to a charity. Hopefully we can round up some of the bigger names in the NFT space to come together and have some bidding wars on a few doodles and the proceeds after the 7.5% would all be given to charity. I would love to give back to any charities that take care of the homeless, as in my city it is currently a large problem. I think auctioning off a puffer, or something with some warm clothing and we tie it to keeping the homeless warm/clothed/fed during the colder season or something along those lines. I think Doodles are in a good position to give back to the community at this point (as we just passed 100m in sales). I am very eager to hear any feedback from the team and the community. I believe that Doodles is in the perfect position right now to show the NFT community what giving back looks like and who we are as a community. There is so much money flying around every day in the NFT space every day, and I think giving some back to those in need is overdue.


I love the idea of giving back as a community and it’s also about inclusivity.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. DeFi has enabled to give gifts that keep on giving. For instance, depositing assets to generate perpetual yields with To your analogy, it’s providing a never-ending fire that keeps you warm in the cold.

  2. While the auction / bidding wars could have some branding and awareness value, it ends when it ends. Do you think there’s a way to use doodles but make it sustainable over the long term?

  • Contribution of the income generated by some Doods when used in a merch licensing.
  • Creation of a doodfluencer account - similar to the idea of the virtual influencer movement but a portion of all brand engagements goes towards charities.

Just a couple of ideas that come to mind. Thanks for promoting this discussion @shyguy09!

Hi @shyguy09 - I really like the spirit of your post and have been looking at making a proposal around using the Doodlebank to make charitable donations and give back to the greater community.

Our initial proposal was to make a donation in an upcoming crypto charity event ( with SBF and friends, hosted by one of our fellow Doods (@Explorer).

Beyond the obvious desire to do good and help our fellow humans in need, we also believe that partnering with an existing event would allow us to garner more exposure for the Doodles and spread the word that we are more than just NFT collectors, but people who care about, and are actually willing to do good.

The potential Twitter reach of just the panelists, moderators and organisations hosting the event is almost 1million followers.

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Love this idea and also second what @ayhth said about a gift that keeps on giving. I’m no defi specialist but im sure some doods in the community are.

We could auction a dood and stake the proceeds in a Defi protocol that can generate passive income for charity. This sounds pretty novel and innovative. Maybe we can change the way people approach charity donations!

Yes, this is amazing. Especially during holidays when so many people will go hungry and kids will not resources to get gifts. I support this 1000%.