Doodles Integration into Yuga Labs' Metaverse Otherside

The Proposal

Design Doodles avatars using the Yuga Labs SDK to include Doodles in the upcoming Yuga Labs metaverse titled Otherside.


As of today, Yuga Labs has announced the release of their self-described MetaRPG/Metaverse Otherside.

  • More info on Otherside can be found on these slides starting from slide 42 onwards.

From what is known, Otherside will be inclusive to other communities allowing them to integrate their own avatars and games.


Including Doodles in Otherside will mean more utility for Doodles holders. Giving them the opportunity to interact with people from other Web3 communities while simultaneously representing the Doodles.

Additionally, the avatars designed using Yuga Labs SDK will also be compatible with other similar project outside of the Yuga Labs ecosystem.

Why Otherside?

  • Yuga Labs comes from a familiar area to Doodles in the NFT area. They have been consistently innovative and proven themselves to be community-focused similar to the Doodles ethos.

  • The current proposals for Otherside exhibit a willingness for inclusivity comparable to WWW3 as well as a platform that creators can build upon themselves.

  • The opportunity for individuals to create their own additions to Otherside will likely generate huge creativity from outside parties similar to the App Store opening up to third-party developers. This is a major factor that seperates Otherside from other existing Metaverse attempts.


This proposal would not generate any revenue and would likely require a generous budget but I believe the utility it would bring to Doodles holder would invaluable and far outweigh it’s cost.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments I’d like to here what everyone thinks of this proposal. Thank you for reading.


Probably a no-brainer. Anyone not doing it will most likely be left in the dust

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I like this idea - agree that it’s a no brainer. Conversely, will be interesting to see if other projects will be able to a join a future Doodleverse :wink:

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definitely worth going.

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Makes sense! There will be a battle of metaverses and the funding/community behind Yuga Labs can be a road to success.

Would this include Space Doodles?

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Please inegrate. Its a must.

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Otherside is by far the most likely to succeed in a pragmatic metasurverse. Mmorpgs are easy to attract more users, which is not simply GameFi. I am the holder of Otherdeed and have applied for SDK. If necessary, I can help.

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Any idea what costs might be to get Doodles assets built to use in it?

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I def agree as well. I just put in a proposal here too for us to get it started. Fingers crossed but 1,000% agree and can’t wait for it to happen regardless.

I just put in a proposal for us to do if interested. We defiantly flexible on rate since as I said even down to produce and execute this at a loss since it will be historic and tons of fun. Regardless fingers crossed hope it goes through.

I def agree as well. I just put in a proposal for Doodles to be multi-linked wearable skins across all current leading metaverses (Otherside, Sandbox, and Decentraland) since would be super fun and historic to do. Regardless if not def worth a shot since agree with you all def needs to be done.