Doodles Pop-up at SXSW

I’d like to propose that the Doodles be the first NFT project to pop up at SXSW and center themselves as THE leader in NFT culture and community. We will do this by hosting an interactive/immersive experiential experience, featured speaker sessions, and hosting evening cultural mixer events.

:circus_tent: The pop-up will be fun, functional, and educational. Providing guests with a visually stunning, highly photogenic, and awe-inspiring spectacle that generates FOMO and allows guests to experience the Doodles and NFT culture in the most creative way.

The experience will deliver multiple touch-points:

:sparkles: Immersive (sensor-inspiring) interactive experience [Fun Earned Marketing]

  • Immersive and interactive entry and/or exit experience that tells the story of Doodles in a sensory-inspiring way and leaves guests sharing their unique experience on social.
  • The earned media will generate awareness and FOMO for Doodles.

:mega: Featured speaker stage [Educational]

  • The space will feature a stage set up for feature speakers. These conversations will be educational by inviting leaders in the NFT space to discuss technology, art, community, etc.
  • Recorded content will be edited down and used as future marketing and brand material.
  • Each session could include a co-partner or sponsor.

:partying_face: Cultural mixer events [Fun & Functional / Partnerships]

  • Each evening the pop-up space would be used as a place to engage the community by hosting mixing events.
  • Some of these are exclusive to Doodle holders.
  • Surprise performances by guest DJs and artists.
  • Exclusive swag and giveaways.
  • Each event can include a co-partner or sponsor.

Bring the unique personality and joy of Doodles directly to the community in an IRL tentpole event. Targeting a very large core and engaged audience. :handshake:

Timeline: Now - March 20th, 2022

Budget: Duffel Bags


@tulip has experience with creating blockchain-educational activations so he’ll be able to chat about the ROI of these sorts of events


What a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing.

I have schooling and experience in architectural design, as well as a small network with experience designing and building expo booths in and all around Texas.

“Immersive and interactive entry and/or exit experience that tells the story of Doodles in a sensory-inspiring way and leaves guests sharing their unique experience on social.”

This sounds like something I would be assist willing to assist with directly, even if just to chat. I’m a resource to all Doodlers.


Might be too late for sxsw at this point, but would love to continue the conversation and explore future opps. Maybe we build a small team of experts in this area/industry. @tulip @Mr_B would love to set up time to discuss. I work in experiential marketing as my career and have background in the entertainment / music industry. Currently creating these types of experiences for Apple.

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@Poopie @tulip @Mr_B would love to continue this conversation and get ahead of future activations. Identifying the key tentpole events that Doodles may want to activate at and organizing a small team to plan might be beneficial to the community. Thanks

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In addition, would love to incorporate Doodle street art murals in strategic locations around the city during SXSW.

SXSW is definitely on our radar.

Doing some scoping for 2022 live activations internally right now, will propose my learnings from miami and how i see us showing up for 2022 shortly. lmk if there are any other events in addition to sxsw you think doodles should show up to.


Doodles at NFT NYC June 2022!!!

ComplexCon could be an interesting play. The festival brings together pop culture, music, food, innovation, activism, education & more.

SXSW will be an awesome opportunity to show off the art and the community spirit to the media industries. I’ll be going again this year and would love to get involved however I can.

I live in Austin and knows a thing or two about DJing and hosting performances. Let me know if this is something you need help on!

I am launching a service to allow people to prove ownership of tokens IRL without putting their valued tokens at risk. I would love to gift a 1yr subscription to the service to Doodler’s attending the SXSW event and use the technology to verify ownership of their doodle at the door, essentially acting as their ticket. Pls DM me and I’ll share details if this is of interest!

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Am I doing this right?
I have been attacked relentlessly by black hat scumbags
Had to disengage and change all my social media to not get doxed
Could use all the advice from my fellow doods

kinda curious why the convo for sxsw didn’t continue on this thread and instead the founders just made it their own vote and moment? I’m glad Doodles are showing up to sxsw and hope the location is in a good spot to garner some great attention and foot traffic. seems like a lot of the same touch points will be included so that cool.