Doodles - Street Art


In regard to spreading awareness around the Doodles brand, the treasury should fund more Doodles/bonks street art on a global scale.

Fellow Doodle #3566 requested that I write up this proposal with some location examples.


While ROI in the traditional sense may be hard to measure, Doodles installations in neighborhoods with high volumes of pedestrian traffic would help promote brand reach.

Incorporating a call to action (i.e. QR Code, Twitter handle) could help with ROI attribution.

Potential Locations

  • Venice Beach, CA
  • Wynwood Walls, Miami, FL
  • Bushwick Brooklyn, NYC
  • Mission District, San Francisco, CA
  • Austin, TX
  • Vancouver BC
  • Montreal, QC
  • Shoreditch, London
  • Belleville, Paris
  • Barcelona
  • Buenos Aires
  • Melbourne


The conservative approach would be launching this initiative with 4 markets. The following markets for Doodles installations are my quasi-calculated choices - based on community, art culture, crypto-friendliness, and general popularity.

  • Wynwood Walls, Miami, FL
  • Mission District, San Francisco, CA
  • Shoreditch, London
  • Montreal, QC

As an estimate for cost, a proposed budget of 10 ETH should cover expenses for larger murals with insurance, materials, design, labor and equipment. If brought to a vote, options could include 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 ETH, assuming the total cost of one mural at ~2 ETH.


Interesting idea! To add on, perhaps a quick and simple implementation could be the design of a set of free-to-print Doodle stencils for spray tagging. example: heart eyes, skelly, doodle mascot. That way it can be accessed globally.

I’m not familiar with the rules and etiquette for street art so pardon the ignorance.


I’m a big fan of this, even if it doesn’t ROI we can still brighten up a neighborhood or two somewhere!


Glad that you posted this!

The installations could also be combined with graffiti competitions for young and aspiring artists to increase the rate of user-generated irl/online content. They would get promoted on our socials while creating irl content for us to post online.

Do we have a doodle active in the graffiti space to do a bit of research into this?

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@cryptopalladium do you have experience managing these street art activations? If you don’t, could you nominate anyone?

I know that Burnt can ballpark what these murals will cost having done it himself but i would like to know what your thoughts are on paying a doodler to project manage the activations.

I feel like this is a super simple proposal that can be brought up to vote fairly quickly and executed in high traffic you’ve said.


We can look into targeting the venues of the NFT meetups.
E.g. do 1 in NYC, do 1 in the next NFT conference city etc

… just an idea


I’ve really been thinking about this lately due to a recent obsession with Banksy, Keith Haring, and Jean Michel Basquiat. Would love to see some art on walls in Vancouver and Toronto


Think this idea is excellent. I don’t know anything about the logistics of someone recreating a doodle but I think it would be awesome. Would be cool to somehow get a QR code in their that links them to the doodles website

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I love this idea, especially because of Burnt’s history with street art himself. I think the cost of mural space would be quite high in high-pedestrian areas, but I guess that can be ballparked later.

I would love to see a call to action that is more engaging and fun than a simple QR code or tag. Perhaps the QR code could lead to a treasure hunt with rewards. The treasure hunt would lead people through our community in order to ensure engagement! It would also encourage people to talk about the murals and post with it as well!

If we want to add a layer of complexity (that also requires more complex logistics), Doodles could partner with local businesses (maybe a cafe) as a physical site for the treasure hunt. It could be a mutual benefit relation that doesn’t have any monetary cost. Our treasure hunt would generate foot traffic to the cafe, the cafe would display some Doodles art and maybe an info installation about our community + Burnt.

Just spitballin here :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Poopie - apologies for the late reply! The work that Burnt put up in Miami is incredible and the exact vision I had in mind for this proposal.

I do not have any immediate contacts with this specific project management experience, but I’ve sent out some messages to my network and will report back in the coming days.

If any other Doodlers have connections in this field, it would be great to hear from them.

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This is a solid idea IMO. Something like coordinated Doodle paint raids.

Lots of cities have designated street art/graffiti areas.

Hi @Poopie,

Hope you’re doing well! After tapping into my network, I’ve finally found a project manager/curator that seems to be a solid fit for this Doodles - Street Art proposal.

Below I have outlined some of Gage Hamilton’s recent work. Links provided.

“I organized and curated Forest For The Trees in Portland and SODO Track in Seattle. Had one in the works for SF but lost funding once Covid hit. Those are the cities I have the most connection to but know enough people in other places that I’m sure we could work it out.”

“Also we did a national campaign with Facebook artist in residence program where we did public art installations in SD, LA, Colorado Springs, Fort Worth, Birmingham, Atlanta, Miami, Philly, Bronx and Detroit.” (Facebook campaign completed with a team of 5 in an RV over 2 weeks)

Gage Hamilton Project Links

I am in direct contact with Gage and he has provided personal contact information to be shared with the Doodles team if the community decides to move forward with this initiative.

TL;DR - Gage Hamilton is a highly-motivated/successful member of the PNW art community and is keen to collaborate due to his love for art, as well as his initial exposure to Doodles.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can relay any information to Gage.



CC @tulip @alexjaz


Great groundwork @cryptopalladium ! + my 5 votes to this.

Regarding budget and the Miami murals, is 2 ETH per mural realistic? Does Gage have his own estimates?


Hi @ayhth,

Thanks for the support! As you can imagine there are moving variables that dictate final cost for any given installation, but it sounds like @Poopie and Burnt have a ballpark range for this type of project.

Gage mentioned that cost mostly depends on size, time and equipment needed for access: “2 ETH would be good for street level, but yeah if it’s something big that requires a boom lift or swing stage and a week of painting and assistants” then there would be a higher cost.

It sounds like we would need the team to pinpoint mural locations before getting precise with cost(s).

Documentation of the installations would need to be considered in cost(s) as well.

For example, the Facebook project, #VotingisVoice that Gage worked on was a tour with a documentation team taking video and editing. Those installations were printed and wheat pasted so they were able to do 10 cities in just a couple of weeks.

'Voting Is Voice' | Faceboook Vote campaign from NOVY on Vimeo.

Hope this helps - let me know if you have any other questions!


Maybe we could look into doing a big mural in Reno NV as a start. Our mayor is pro art downtown and pro crypto. I believe she was hosted on a doodles spaces. I also know some people who do big murals around town so it’s possible it could be done in Reno. Just a thought.


A great opportunity to kick this off would be NFT NYC.

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Love this idea. Just want to include my experience at POW! WOW! in Oahu, Hawaii, and having doodles there will vibe so well.


Let’s make this happen @Poopie @tulip

Gage is on standby

This sounds great. I work in Shoreditch and would love to see my Doods on my way daily commute!

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The Miami costs of the street art:

Prime the building:

$7500 Spray paint, and other paint materials

$1,200 Scissor lift

$1,500 Car rental

$600 Airbnb

$900 Flight


Painting the mural $20,000

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