Doodles: The NFT Card Game

Who are we?

I’m PorpoiseLove, proud owner of Doodle #3543. I am the founder of nascent game design company Laughing Porpoise Studios. Our mission is to create and enhance real social experiences through genuinely fun, exciting, and competitive tabletop gaming landscapes. As a passionate member of the Doodles community, I have felt inspired by my fellow community creatives and the team and I at Laughing Porpoise have been working hard on a new design; The Doodles NFT Card Game. We have been testing and refining the game with both our hardcore gamer and never-before gamer friends since November 2021 and can honestly say: WE ALL LOVE IT!

The Doodles NFT Card Game

The Doodles NFT Card Game brings Doodles NFT’s to life in a fast, fun, and exciting physical and collectible tabletop gaming environment. Players collect Doodles of various rarities and strategically ‘Plug In’ ground-breaking Tech that arm them with special powers used to increase the value of their wallet. A player wins the game by finishing their turn with a wallet value of 50 ETH or more after an intense battle with spiteful competitors equipped with ‘Malware’ and eyes on your sweet, sweet ETH.

The game has been designed to allow players to see, feel, and enjoy the Doodles while simply and efficiently enhancing a players’ awareness of both Doodles NFT’s and the broader NFT ecosystem. We have done this without any compromise to enjoyment and playability; we are hooked! In keeping with the Doodlebank v0.1 vision, we believe our game will bring the joy of NFT’s to households the world over on behalf of, and benefit of, the Doodles brand and community.

The Product

(Base Game)

  • 136 card playing deck featuring Doodles NFT Art; comprised of 49 x Doodles, 63 x Tech, 21 x ETH.
  • 2 - 4 players
  • QR code on the box that directs you to the Doodles NFT Card Game website. This will contain a detailed copy of the rules which can be updated live. Community FAQs can also be accessed through this link.

(Expansion Pack)

  • Expansion Pack Volume 1: 8 x Plug In; 8 x Malware – Booster pack.
  • Expansion Pack Volume 2: 8 x Unique Rarity Doodles with all new powers – Booster pack.

The Laughing Porpoise team will be responsible for establishing and operating a dedicated Doodles NFT Card Game site and store, as well as all marketing, distribution, support, education, and player onboarding initiatives. All brand and product activations will be centred solely on the Doodles and The Doodles NFT Card Game experience. Laughing Porpoise Studios acknowledgements would be limited to a simple game designer acknowledgement on both the game deck and site; this is about an opportunity we believe in for our Doodles, not about pumping Laughing Porpoise.

What are we trying to achieve for the community?

We are Doodle holders and love everything about the Doodles. We are also avid gamers that are passionate about games, art, and fun! We are genuine in the belief that our design will:

Drive Brand Growth

By creating a physical gaming product and environment that allows players to directly engage with, collect, and enliven the Doodles. Numerous brands have achieved astounding success in this space. The Doodles NFT Card Game is an art-piece and experience you can share with friends anywhere and everywhere. Our play testing has turned many former non-Doodle friends into avid Doodle fans! We have already planned game expansions, new releases, and ways to continually enhance the product to create a whole new world for Doodles brand growth.

Build the Treasury

7.5% sales revenue of all Doodles NFT Card Game editions, expansions, and offers returned to the Treasury. Supporting the product supports the Treasury.

Promote Community Engagement

We want to have fun with the Doodles community too. PorpoiseLove would like to create a channel in the discord where we can help onboard new players to the game, answer questions, offer advice, hear about all the interesting game interactions and ideas players have, and unite over the game experience.

Limited Edition Opportunity for Doodle Holders

We have designed and costed a limited launch edition to benefit early adopters that includes an “OG edition” product stamp and 18-card holographic booster pack. This will be a one-time offer designed to benefit Doodle Holders and our early supporters, it will not be released again. Ongoing supply will be standard edition cards, game boosters, and expansions designed to enhance the playability and life cycle of the product. Pre-order sales for the limited-edition will be opened to Doodle Holders prior to opening sales to the public.


4-8 weeks from approval to release. We’ve already designed and thoroughly play tested the game. We’ve even tested some product samples.


Budget = Stacks

  • Commission Burnt Toast to complete simple artwork on 24 Tech cards (?)
  • Selling and Administration budget for pre-order launch campaign (3 ETH)
  • Manufacture and distribution will be funded by pre-order sales, not by the Doodlebank. Validate before build!

Honestly, I love this project and how much time has been invested in the game concept. I’m on board


Thank you for the kind words! An unbelievable amount of hours have gone into the design, play testing and editing of the game. There are a bunch of game mechanics that aren’t featured here too which really spice up the game. I’m really excited for others to experience how insanely fun the game is.

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Excellent well thought out proposal so keen to support this one

Hey @Poopie and @Tulip: I checkout out your spaces with Hypebeast earlier today. Listening to your future mission particularly with respect to physical merchandising, I believe that my card game is the perfect medium to compliment your vision. This game will allow the Doodles brand to be more accessible to the global population while simultaneously not diluting Doodle NFT numbers but increasing the amount of users who can directly interact with the brand. What do you think? Lets talk. I can you a complete breakdown over the game and go over my future vision for it.

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Whoa a Doodle tabletop game would be sick!

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