Doodles x Dark Matter Coffee Collab

I’m looking to get feedback from the community on how they feel about a possible Doodles x Dark Matter Coffee collab.

I know the individual who leads their brand partnerships team, so if the community seems interested in exploring this idea further, he and I could get together to build a more comprehensive/formal proposal. (Including projected $'s, qty, and timeline details)

Overview //

Who the hell is Dark Matter Coffee and what could make them a good fit partner?
Dark Matter Coffee is a Chicago-based roaster that adheres to a philosophy where coffees are sourced based on traceability, innovation, and social responsibility. They have existing direct relationships with farmers across Central and South America. They also have built out infrastructure as it relates to printing, packaging, and international distribution.

At a high level, how would the collab work + what would it look like?
Every month the Dark Matter team puts out a “Limited Monthly Blend” where they collaborate with different artists. Here’s a link to what their recent collabs look like: Limited Monthly Blend Gallery – Dark Matter Coffee

The Doodles team would get to own the artistic vision/design of the package - the Dark Matter team would own coffee sourcing, importing, roasting, packaging, and distribution/shipping.

The Dark Matter team also has existing relationships with grocers/retailers across the US… so depending on the success of the launch there could be a path for a longer-term licensing deal that generates recurring revenue for the community treasury.

What could be the benefits of prioritizing this?

  1. I think it’s clear that the Doodles fam wants to start seeing the brand come to life via digital + physical merch activations. Coffee is a fairly universal consumption item so my guess is that a lot of our existing community would order/participate.
  2. Given Dark Matter already has the infrastructure built out from sourcing —> international distribution, they would own the heavy lifting.
  3. Could be a fun experiment that would help Doodles build-out + test our licensing framework.
  4. Could be a fun, low stake experiment to help the community build our “voting” muscle. (Community could vote on the type of coffee, roast, etc.)
  5. Could turn into a bunch of social engagement - think about people tweeting out pictures when they receive the product!

Last comments:

  • Check out their limited monthly blend gallery (2021 Collabs/releases below)! Their execution is top-notch (high-quality feel + look DOPE).
  • Their coffee is delicious, incredibly high-quality, traceable, and sourced directly from farmers
  • Vibras/Doodle #2000 would be happy to champion this from idea through execution :slight_smile:

Question for the core team + community:

What hesitations come to mind?

I think there could be an educational/activation angle to this (maybe using the back of the packaging to educate people about the world of NFT’s?) - can any of you all think about how we could breathe more life into this product vs. just it being a Doodles packaging?

Would you appreciate seeing a more comprehensive/detailed proposal?

Would you like to be able to buy some Doodles x Dark Matter Coffee? :slight_smile:


Definitely on-brand we like the coffee. I can see this being a lightweight activation to test out a physical product offering with our fans/followers on twitter.

I want to nominate our resident coffee experts to review their product@Purple_Police, @mazemaze, @tulip @pete @LedroitTiger


Love coffee, love doodles coffee even more. But I’m not in the States :frowning:

Pinning a suggestion for the future:
Each physical product package comes with a Doodles NFT drop for that category. In this case it could be a burnt toast-drawn coffee bean with randomly generated colours supporting up to a 50,000 product run.

  • Purchasers can claim the NFT via QR code or claim code (which is part of a separate real doods/real doodles world) and these NFTs can be the means to participate in the wider Doodles community.

  • This is reminiscent of the little toy or sticker in the cereal box.

  • You bring in the mass consumer curious about NFTs, but unable to afford one of the Doodles.

  • By holding the Doodle bean NFT, they get to feel like they are a part of the community. We can also design rewards/ loyalty/ participation mechanics for these holders.

  • Depending on how limited edition these are, the addition of an NFT would encourage people to buy the product.


doodles + coffee feels like a natural fit.

also @ayhth - burnt toast-drawn coffee been reminded me of jelly beans, and i think we need doodles jelly beans. the palette + flavour would be super cool.

i have partnership questions but can discuss in discord for a more conversational format.


Thanks @Poopie for the coffee shoutout!

Initial thoughts

  • Agreed that a coffee collab would be on brand.

  • I am not familiar with this particular brand (based in Dubai,) but exclusivity and limited production runs at first sound like a solid start.

  • Brand activation on product packaging through Socials solid as well.


  • Consider limiting collab to coffee packaging which is perishable in nature . ie: no coffee mugs, tumbler, coasters, or other.

  • Fair trade certification association a must (probably already exists.)

  • Association with higher end blends (or single origins) preferred.

  • QR code potentially activates an animation if ready by then.

  • No association with NFTs, only brand.

PS: Loved reading how comprehensive and articulate this first proposal was. You covered strategy, execution, IP, brand voice, etc. !


Coming from a country where coffee is a main export I have to say I love this idea. I love their brand concept. I wouldnt limit to only them as roasters. We could look at it inversely and have coffee roasters collab with doodles brand. Different countries and roasters involved, it would be a win win

Honestly this is such a great idea. I think you have laid out the ideas and reasons very cleary. I hope to see an official prelimianry proposal on this sometime soon! I vote YES x2


After a lot of thought, and considering there have been comments on a Doodle coffee shop in a determined city, strong alliances with coffee roasters world wide for a doodle blend could also be a possiblity.

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I somehow missed this in the shuffle, but I love the idea. And thx @Poopie! I haven’t tried this roaster, but will see if I can track down their beans in DC.

Were there any additional steps taken on this proposal? A bag art collab would be perfect, but I also like the other suggestions by @ayhth, @mazemaze and @J_charles to flesh it out if the project can be scaled up.

Just picking up on this one after reading the other coffee proposal.

I think everyone seems to agree that a coffee collab is a good idea but need a lot more substance behind the proposal. This would be a business and so I would like to understand more about the forecast and costs associated with the project.

Looking forward to hearing more details about this.

Would love to see this collab take place. Love the fact that Dark Matter incorporates art into their brand. A coffee head Doodle would look sooo good on that packaging! It could easily go viral

Hello doods and frens! Sorry I’m a little late to respond here - had a couple of big personal life changes that forced me to move across my country.

So, I got together with their brand partnerships lead, and unfortunately, the current president of Dark Matter coffee is a bit of an NFT / Web3 skeptic… I’m going to push for an intro meeting to see if I help demystify the space a little for them… but my gut tells me they might not be the best-fit partners.

  1. I’ll update the thread in the coming days to share my progress with Dark Matter.

  2. I’m going to reach out to another Coffee roaster I have personal connections with out of Colombia (they own a coffee farm in the “sierra nevada”) that also has similar existing infrastructure to Dark Matter to see what a possible partnership could look like.

  3. I’m going to reach out to the Doods that have made other Coffee proposals to see how we can align efforts under 1 thread/proposal.

I deeply appreciate all of the advice everyone has shared. I need to do some more work finding a good fit partner before I can start working on an initial proposal for community review. Was not expecting the President of Dark Matter to be a skeptic about NFTs… Their loss!

Love you doods <3.

Just curious, why Dark Matter specifically? We have another proposal now for something similar. Could we go… BIGGER? :thinking:

Just had a personal relationship with their brand activations lead. I agree that we should centralize efforts under 1 thread and go bigger though!