Doodles x Doodle Jump

I think this would be the obvious choice if we ever wanted to get into games lol. They have featured other characters before from the movie hop and SpongeBob so there’s a precedent.

I’d assume it wouldn’t require any dev on our part just providing the 2D mascot sprite art to be animated and having him puke up rainbows to bounce.

I think this would be a lot more effective then promising an eventual game that may never come out and hiring actual experienced game devs for years.

Unfortunately I don’t have any connections to do this but thought it would be a cool idea and a way to get into gaming without much effort and also Doodle Jump is super popular so it would definitely get the word out about doodles.

Fun idea. It seems like it wouldn’t take a lot to at least contact the Doodle Jump devs and gauge their interest. Ideally each Doodle owner would be able to bring their own NFT into the game. That feels like a good PR story: “Doodles Builds Tools For Owners to Use Their Characters Within a Classic Video Game.”

lol Doodle Jump, hadn’t heard of that in a while. clever idea with the nameplay

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