Doodles x Flair.Finance Partnership (Doodle Holders and Derivative Projects)

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I’d like to propose a partnership between Doodles :lollipop: and Flair.Finance :heavy_dollar_sign:that will benefit current Doodle holders + Doodle derivative projects.

What is Flair.Finance?

Flair.Finance is a Decentralized Escrow & Launchpad for NFTs. We help NFT projects with a long-term vision sell their NFTs with the ability for collectors to return them; so project owners are accountable. We do that by slowly releasing the payments to project owners.

If you are a Doodle holder:

  • We will whitelist Doodle holders so they have early (and sometimes discounted) access to NFT projects that will launch on Flair.Finance for pre-sales, private sales, stealth drops, etc.

If you are a Doodles derivative project:

  • You can set up your NFT collection on Flair, without any technical knowledge! So you can focus on what you do best, which is art and strategy on how to make your NFT project valuable for Doodle holders.

  • You will earn the collector’s trust by offering them our funding options, which is to slowly release the payments for example over 90 days. In that way, if you do not deliver on your promises, your collectors’ have a chance to withdraw certain portions of their investment which brings more peace of mind and accountability into this space.

What problem is Flair.Finance solving in general?

As much as we love the passion in NFT communities, we have seen few major issues in the space.

We spent a lot of time talking to different projects, developers and nft collectors and decided to solve these problems using the Flair.Finance platform.

Why this partnership?

Before personally investing in the Doodles project, I was monitoring it for a while (I analyze different nft projects on my youtube channel to get more familiar with best practices). And in my honest opinion, this project and its community has all the right signs of a sustainable and long-term nft project.

And I would assume a lot of Doodle community members are also tired of:

  • Rug Pulls, Hacks and Gas Wars, due to bad practice or intentions
  • High Cost of Launching Technical Side of NFT projects, in terms of money and time

And based on my observation in discord and this forum, I am seeing a combination of collectors, creators and investors who like to create and capture value in the nft space. And I have a strong feeling this partnership can help with that.


I would be grateful to get any feedback from my above proposal and would be happy to answer any questions that the Doodle community might have :slight_smile:

Pitch Deck


Seems Like some very interesting ideas, especially the slow release of payment gives incentive for NFT teams to continue the development, and don’t do rug pull. I would like an whitelist for Flair Finance due to that reason.

However I have few more questions that I am not sure if you have address already.

  1. How does the team, so you guys, that build Flair Finance would get fund and get profit? Considering Doodle bank at all? Tokens?

  2. Any incentive or benefit for creators that launch on Flair Finance?


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Adding to my last post:
3. If the creator does rug, is there a way to control the fund and stop it to be released to the creator? Maybe a DAO token vote or something?

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Thanks a lot for the kind words and feedback. The main goal is exactly as you mentioned: To bring accountability and ease-of-use. Answers to the questions:

#1 Flair charges 1% when collectors mint via Flair, and it goes to Flair treasury. Collectors will also get $FLAIR token (58% allocated currently), so everybody has a chance to benefit from treasury, as long as they are truly participating.

We don’t have any plans to request from Doodle Bank, as having the community join the Flair platform is enough value, same as ability for Doodle Holders to have discounted access to Flair projects. There could be also direct ways to benefit the DoodleBank in our partnership with other projects/communities that want to get listed on Flair.Finance

#2 Projects/Creators that launch on Flair will first have the ability to prove to their collectors they’re not a money grab, on the other hand Flair’s team is going to help with smart contracts and some of the technical aspect for projects to let them focus on non-technical aspects.

#3 Every single collector has the ability to click a button and return the NFT and get the remainder back, no questions asked. So because everyone has control over their own mint there’s no need for a DAO.

Will be glad to answer any other questions, technical or non technical :slight_smile:

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[Update #1]

Here is a simple example of how a Doodle Derivative Project (like Noodles) can use our platform to give more trust to collectors and establish more accountability; while reducing their development cost significantly.

Note: This is just an example to better show the real use case

Even though the Doodles Team can do their due diligence before highlighting a project, the fact that collectors can withdraw their funds if the project is not delivering on its promises is a very good thing; not only for the Doodle community but also for NFT space in general; and Doodles can be the forefront of this movement.

I also set up a sample campaign (we are on Rinkeby testnet also), so you can play around with the UI and flow yourself :slight_smile:

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Hey @kasra, the idea sounds actually super interesting, and I can see where a lot of value is added to the Collectors’ experience.
I have a few questions, to understand this better:

  1. Platform
    With Opensea being a sort of “monopoly” when it comes to NFT marketplaces, how are you planning to actually bring volumes to
    Wouldn’t be more efficient if this “protection” layer would be platform agnostic (perhaps through smart contracts)?

  2. Added value
    As I said in my introduction, the added value to the Collectors is clear.
    Despite benefits for individual doodlers, though, I miss how this is going to benefit the Doodles project, and bring more $$ to the bank?

  3. 90 Days “Money back guarantee” :slight_smile:
    Is there any condition that needs to be satisfied for the investor to claim back their funds?
    The reason I ask is that, potentially, this could make the speculative NFT market even more speculative.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Also happy to discuss every matter in more detail should you need any additional input,

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Thanks a lot @CritikalMess for the amazing feedback.

#1 Flair.Finance is fully on smart contracts and from campaign creation, collecting, refunding, etc. all on the blockchain and even Flair team cannot interfere. This means as soon as you mint via Flair the NFT is in your wallet you can see it on OpenSea, trade it etc, but if you want to request a refund only the current owner of the NFT can do that.

#2 The benefit to Doodles community is more indirect to DoodlesBank. If the derivative projects getting on-boarded on Flair want to contribute a portion of their revenues to DoodlesBank, we will support that.

And also we are only planning to make this partnership with the right communities like Doodles, Hapes, CoolCats, etc. so only their members have the possibility to be whitelisted for certain portions of mints on the platform. It is like an exclusive partnership that will be only between few key communities and Flair; imagining that Funding Options and A 5Min NFt Collection Setup are valuable features.

We are of course fully open to ideas on this topic :slight_smile:

#3 We have thought hard about this and explored many different models. Ultimately, we figured out putting all the trust on the creator side works sometimes, but not always (around $30M lost in rug pulls in the nft space in Q3 2021), so we need some sort of accountability.

Another option is to put the task of continue/stopping a project on majority of holders. That has lots of flaws; as DAOs, as great as they are, can be mis-used or do not take everyone’s need into account.

This brings us to individual judgement/ability to decide if a project is creating value or not. To me, if we remove the edge cases, this brings the most accurate representation of a group’s judgement on the value of a project.

Just imagine how many Doodlers are in this project for the long run and have no reason to withdraw their fundings (except edge cases that might need the funds or are FUDing, but those will find other ways of selling their NFTs). But if a project promises a lot in the beginning, but does not deliver; then everyone’s funds are lost.

Loved your initial feedback and love to know if there are things that you agree/disagree with.

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Thanks for your quick reply, @kasra. It clarifies pretty much everything.
I think your idea is super powerful, and to my knowledge, nobody is “selling” peace of mind in the NFT far west, so that it could be a very profitable one.
I am curious to understand its operational ins and outs, but I guess that will only happen later if the idea gets selected for further discussion.
Know from now, though, that if the proposal makes it to the next stage, you have my vote!


@kasra are you affiliated with Flair.Finance?

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@AceNFT Yes :slight_smile: I am one of the co-founders of Flair.Finance

Thanks. I’d suggest making that more transparent in your proposal.

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@AceNFT Unfortunately I do not have access to editing the first post anymore :slight_smile: Hopefully people will read my comment here and know how I am affiliated with that project.

[Update #2]

We are launching a limited 3000 Flair Tycoons collection with 1800 NFTs reserved for community members and 1200 for strategic investors. Here is our vision for this:

[Update #3]

One of the NFT projects that is eligible to get whitelist is Doodles, because of its innovation in creating a creative brand and a strong community. To claim your whitelist spot, check our discord.

These two last posts are IMHO unwanted here. To me this is a shill. I’m not lucky to hold a Dood and get this “whitelist”, I’m instead unlucky to be the target of this campaign. Also it hardly relates to this proposal.