Doodles x Highrise Collab Proposal

I’m the founder of Highrise Metaverse. We just had the most popular NFT launch on Immutable X and have a platform with 1.5M monthly active players. The parent company Pocket Worlds is about 70 people, funded by some leading Crypto investors like Bitkraft, and fully doxxed.

I’d like to propose a collab project on Immutable X:

  • We airdrop vials to all holders of Doodles on Immutable X.
  • Vials entitle holders to mint a Doodle x Highrise collab NFT on Immutable X.
  • Minting will cost a small amount of ETH (e.g. 0.02-0.04 ETH), split between Highrise Treasury and Doodles Treasury. This will fund the cost of Highrise art production below.
  • The Highrise team creates all the art, but verified by the Doodle team. The Doodle x HR NFTs are usable in Highrise. Doodle x HR NFT holders get an exclusive room/land in HR.

Here’s an example with NeoToyko Citizens (HR x NT Collab on the left, NT on the right).

The goal here is to:

  1. Introduce a new valuable NFT (with utility) to Doodle holders.
  2. Add to the Doodles Treasury.
  3. Add to the Highrise Treasury.
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Update on this:

  1. I propose to remove the minting fee and have this be a free Doodle x Highrise NFT.
  2. Here’s a sample with my Doodle.


I’ll be honest. I have no clue what Immutable X. Would holders here get a free(?) NFT they can use as something in the Immutable X … metaverse? E.g. as an avatar? I’m missing some knowledge here, so I hope you could provide some ELI5 of what it “actually means”, for some not having use Immutable X.

Immutable X is a Layer 2 blockchain built using Starkware’s ZK-Rollup technology called StarkEx. It powers Gods Unchained, for example. You can learn more here:

Highrise is a mobile metaverse and we are moving most of our content onto the Immutable X blockchain.

Here’s more about Highrise: Highrise is a metaverse with about 1.5 million monthly active users.

We’d create a collab Doodle x Highrise NFT on Immutable X that would be free to mint. You’d just need to bridge Eth over from Ethereum Mainnet to Immutable X.

I think this is a cool idea! Esp. if free mint. I like exploring new chains

i absolutely love this idea!

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i am a member in high rise and though i haven’t had much time to use it
I see it looks great would love to collaborate with my dood and imx I am big fan of Elio and he is always on top of the best alpha projects
Best wishes to all and Thank you

I think this is a great idea. This would generate additional value for Doodle holders and create more exposure for Doodles to the non-nft (normie) community. There’s a significant player base on Highrise, so the exposure could be beneficial.

Also I don’t think this would be very dilutive, since the nft’s would exist on ImmutableX. From what I understand, there is currently no way to bridge nfts from Immutable to mainnet.

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