Doodlethon London Community Event Proposal


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A 24 hour hackathon. An initiative for and by the Doodles community.

Doodlethon Hackathon Proposal


Our proposal is to organise a groundbreaking event that will not only celebrate the creativity and diversity of the Doodles community, but also forge alliances with other Web3 brands. Doodlethon is a hackathon designed to bring together creatives in the Doodles community for a day of fun, networking, and co-creation.


Doodlethon offers Doodles holders and their +1s the opportunity to connect, share ideas, and bring their creative dreams to life. There will be a day filled with friends, drinks, collaboration and an inspiring atmosphere at the event.

This event will bring expert speakers and helpers, and provide an opportunity for individual networking and collaboration between the Doodles community and other Web3 brands. As part of this effort, we are currently in discussions with potential partners to enhance the event experience and promote cross-community networking.

Timeline & Location

Doodlethon will take place in London on November 18th. Throughout the past few weeks, our team has been searching for the perfect venue for our Doodles Hackathon throughout London. Our team is pleased to announce that we have identified an ideal location - Dream Factory. This serves as a hub for generating ideas and facilitates the process of creating, filming, and editing content for the hackathon.

This event will take place in the Main Studio, which is available for dry hire at a rate of £20,000 ex VAT for full days. Moreover, Doodles will have the opportunity to produce remarkable content around this event, thanks to the support of their studio team, without incurring any extra expenses.

In addition, we have an option for Global Street Art to paint the walls in Doodles Art. We estimate this in 30K (art will stay for 2-4 weeks) You can find more about their work at

We have developed the following timeline to ensure a seamless flow of activities:

  • In the event that funding is received, the venue will be secured.
  • The RSVP details will be made available to Doodle holders during the week of November 3rd, as well as the brand partners for the event.
  • On November 16th or 17th, Mindspace London will host a networking event.


This year’s Doodlethon aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Promote the Doodles community in London and establish its presence.
  • Push the limits of the Doodles space in the most creative ways, fostering innovation in areas such as fashion, games, apps, movies, comics, and more.
  • Develop deeper relationships within the Doodles community that extend beyond the usual web3 conferences.
  • Develop engaging, viral content during the party and throughout the weekend to make a lasting impression on Web3.
  • In partnership with other prominent communities, use the event as a proof of concept for upcoming large-scale events and meet-ups for Doodle holders.
  • In order to improve the quality of these types of events and experiences, promote collaboration between members of the community and other Web3 creators.
  • Ensure that Doodles holders continue to enjoy a thriving and engaged community.


This event is estimated to cost a minimum of 16 ETH in total.

Thank you in advance for your positive response and for giving us the opportunity to make the Doodlethon a resounding success.