Doodlmas - Christmas Cards for Doodles


Hi! My name is Seb, but you may know me as DeSmarties.

I have come to love the Doodles project even after being here for only a small amount of time. As we know, Christmas is almost upon us! Which has lead me to the overflow of ideas regarding what I could do to not only support Doodles, but how to support my journey in the NFT space.

Reasons why this is a fantastic idea

Firstly, I will be directing all of the Royalty Fees (5%) directly to the Doodlebank to give back for the marketing support nessesary to allow Doodlmas to work. I do not plan on making any social accounts to promote this, as I do not believe it is my right to “Own” this project.

The project will be run on Polygon (MATIC), so that there is no gas fees for either party, ensuring that it is accessible to everyone.

The minting process will be very simple, I will mint the 22 individual NFT’s under the collection, and then the release will be publically announced to all Doodles 24 hours prior to a public announcement. There will be 500 released of each individual “Common” Card. 300 of each “Rare” Card. 200 of each “Precious” Card. 80 of each “Wowza” card. 50 of each “Doodlplex” Card.

There are five rarities, they go in ascending order from most common to most exclusive.


They will all mint for the exact same price of only 0.006E (Polygon Wrapped ETH)

What help is needed from the Doodles?

For Doodlmas to become a reality, we will need the Doodle Marketing Team to post announcements in the discord, and tweets on twitter to prove that the project is indeed endorsed by Doodles.

What happens with that initial ETH from sales?

With that initial sale (Completely sold out = 6.78E), I will be donating 45% to a Charity of the Doodles choice. As for the rest, 40% will be deposited straight back into the Doodlebank.

The last 15% will hopefully go to me, Seb. With this ETH I will be able to set up a very reliable future for myself, with this amount to be roughly 1.13E. I will use it to purchase my very own Doodle, as I know that is an amazing investment ;).


In conclusion, this project has alot of potential to make the community happy, help the Doodles with all future projects, and will help me with my journey of life.

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