DoodVentures - Your Doods as characters of fantasy artworks

Would you like to see your Doodles in artworks for an epic adventure?

I’d like to create what I believe is the next level for custom derivative art:

  • Several Doodles from holders in one custom artwork
  • Collaborative community-driven ideas for the artworks’ settings and themes
  • Ongoing series of artworks expanding the world behind the OG collection
  • 100 editions of each artwork in the series, on sale for holders or non-holders


The background above and Burnt’s universe inspired me to explore what the DoodleVerse could be like. Doods could be on an adventure to follow the rainbow to find what treasures lie on the other end, and could find themselves…

  • At a summer festival on the beach
  • Aboard a rocket ship to the moon
  • Hiking their way up a pink mountain…

While I wouldn’t be affiliated with Doodles, I feel that the possibilities are endless because the DoodleVerse is already out there. Somewhere in the metaverse, those scenes could exist.

What’s in it for Doodles and its holders?

  • A chance for several Doodles to become an integral part of a new genre of derivative art. They truly become the main characters of a fun adventure.
  • Contributing ideas to an NFT as a community (eg: via votes, contest, etc).
  • Communities do not need to overlap although by nature a majority of DoodVentures holders would be Doodles.
  • A % of the primary revenues go to the Doodlebank or to a charity chosen by the Hero Doodles.

Who are you?

I hold Doodles #7906 but I’m more known for having created Doodles X NFT crossovers with many popular collections. You can find me @loicRambo on twitter.

How can you deliver?
I’ve been creating custom NFT derivatives (realistic or cartoony) for months now, and have been creating fantasy worlds for way longer. Photoshop is my tool.

Stylistically, the goal is to follow the round and colorful style of Doodles but without the pretension of being able to imitate Burnt’s style. It would be my take on it. “DoodVentures” could use a different name if that’s conflictual.

So what are you looking for?

  • Getting the green light from the core team to have fun creating fantasy worlds using their universe. Perhaps find ways together to make this an official collaboration?
  • Inviting the Doodles community to be a part of the DoodVentures artworks.
  • Showing how derivative artwork can be more than just custom 1/1 or 10k projects.
  • (Optional) Some help in the future setting up a website and smoothening the process for people to mint the artworks in the series.

I hope you’ll embark on these DoodVentures with me! Thanks for reading.


I’m completely into it! Love your work and ideas :slight_smile:

Would love the invite
You know how to find me.