Events Lead Application: Kat

Name / Pseudonym: Kat
Twitter Handle: @it_me_kat
Discord ID: it_me_kat#1996
Doodle(s) ID(s): 4000

Qualifications / Experience

Experience in event planning and management

I have been a part of the Doodles community since just after mint, and have extensive experience working full-time in Web3 brand strategy and events. In my role as a Marketing Strategist at Blockworks, I manage a large number of external relationships and partners that require delegation and resource management to bring top tier experiences and activations to our events, which are attended by thousands annually.

My organizational skills, desire to grow through new challenges, and ability to execute are core attributes I hope to bring to the Community Council.

Marketing and events have been the focus of my career. I began working in events in 2017, and have since gained valuable experience in the field working directly in events within both traditional tech and Web3.

A recent example of my ability to plan and execute effectively is JKB’s ELECTRO HEAVEN event for the Doodles community at NFT NYC.

My partners Juicy and Bae, who are extremely talented creative powerhouses in their own right, would be the first to acknowledge that my contributions paved the way for the event’s overall success. I project-managed the planning process, including drafting the core structure of the proposal for the DoodleBank, securing sponsors, and liaising with a multitude of venues and vendors. I also delegated responsibilities, taking a daunting process and breaking it down to individual tasks. From the moment we decided to put forth the proposal, to the day of the event, I worked hard to ensure we made Doodles and its holders proud.

Some of my notable recent event planning experience includes:

  • Creating the Permissionless ‘22 NFT Gallery with OpenSea and TrippyLabs
  • Creating live content at Doodleputt by interviewing Doodle holders and documenting the immersive experience for those who couldn’t attend
  • Collaborating with OpenSea, Blockworks, Tokenproof, and Doodles for ELECTRO HEAVEN @ NFT NYC ‘23
  • And currently, I’m deeply involved in the planning and event marketing for Permissionless ‘23, which will be attended by over 5,000 crypto enthusiasts and builders

Ability to source event and program partners

My experience working with various organizations has allowed me to establish a strong network within the Web3 and crypto space. I have a proven track record of:

  • Identifying potential partnerships with top Web3 brands, organizations, and musical talent
  • Building relationships with industry leaders
  • Securing sponsorships and collaborations, both from DAOs and large organizations

Strong communication and collaboration skills

My version of leadership relies heavily on collaboration and feedback loops. I don’t know best - we as a collective do.

As someone who joined Doodles shortly after mint and has been here through the highs and lows, it would give me great pleasure to work closely with the community to have their voices heard and ideas put to action. In-person experiences and events are some of the best ways to capture the spirit and identity of a brand, and I would love to collaborate with other Doodle holders to expand the brand presence to markets around the world.

Understanding of budget management and proposal development

For ELECTRO HEAVEN, my team successfully raised and deployed over $25,000 from both the Doodlebank and additional premier sponsors which allowed us to bring to life an event that met our standards. We had less than two weeks from when the proposal passed to secure a venue, source additional sponsors, define branding, produce assets, book entertainment, launch ticketing, etc… To achieve our goals, we had to effectively manage our budget while under extreme time constraints, and did so with great efficacy.

Over the course of many 16 hour days, we worked to bring our vision to life and succeeded in hosting the first cross-community DoodleBank-funded event, and put Doodles on the map at NFT NYC (along with the support & signal of many other Doodles including CKT of fam. & TGID crew).

Track record of developing and enforcing brand guidelines

As an event planner and brand strategist, I understand the importance of maintaining a consistent brand image. My accomplishments in this area include:

  • Collaborating across teams and stakeholders to develop brand guidelines for a variety of events and sub-brands
  • Ensuring adherence to brand standards by all stakeholders
  • Maintaining a cohesive brand image across various platforms and materials

Why are you running for the Community Council?

The Doodles community has been my homebase for the last year and a half. I have made many lifelong friends, and that circle is always expanding through the growth of this community.

I want to utilize this role to help bring Doodles event experiences that have been integral to forging these friendships to new markets. Doodles holders outside of the US are extremely important to our community, and I want to play a part in helping the brand do more for those who have a harder time making the events in the US.

Additionally, through JKB, I, alongside my co-hosts & partners Juicy and Bae, have spent hundreds of hours hosting community spaces & bringing diverse representation not only to Doodles, but the Web3 space itself. If appointed to the Council, I would love to foster the growth of other subcommunities and brands because I believe they are at the core of what makes Doodes special.

Lastly, as someone who has experienced firsthand what can be achieved through activating the community via the Doodlebank, I am extremely bullish on what this community can achieve, given the tools and infrastructure.

In closing, I’m grateful to the team for creating the council and giving those who believe in the community an opportunity to make an impact. There are so many talented and qualified holders—regardless of whether I’m appointed to the council—I know this is the right step forward for the community <3

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):

Personal Twitter

JKB Twitter

JKB NFT NYC Party DoodleBank Vote


One hell of an application. Congrats !!

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The council would be lucky to have you


you’re synonymous with proof of work :100: :mechanical_arm:

appreciate your passion and shoutout to JKB :heart:


Kat! Love to see you apply and congrats on the recent success of the event in New York! Doodles community has and will benefit so much with your presence. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good luck to both of us :wink::wink:


I was hoping you would apply! Your commitment to the community, applicable experience, and industry connections would make for a potent events lead. You clearly have the chops and possess that intangible component of knowing what it means to be a doodle. I can’t vote, but you have my support.


Good luck ! Great work and skills!!

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Tremendous, Kat. Good luck with your application - it’s clear you have what’s required and some!

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The moment has finally arrived!!!

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No one shows up like JKB, you have done such amazing work with the community and would really love to see you on council Kat!

Best of luck :hearts:


thank you! ! really appreciate your support :pray: :pray: :pray:

TY Nes!! Feel the same about you! Remember: You can’t make a Tomelette without breaking some Gregs.

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Tysm for your support roops :heart_hands: you’ve always been an amazing friend and i’m so grateful!

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thank you :pray: :pray: really appreciate the kind words!

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thank you nir!! best of luck to you as well :heart_hands:

tysm doodlifts! really appreciate your kind words :heart_hands: excited to have this opportunity to make an impact on the community.

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thank you so much friend! :pray: :heart_hands:

i really think you would make a wonderful events lead as well and you fully have my support. looking forward to going through this process together & wish you the best of luck!!

omg best compliment ever haha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:

really appreciate the kind words!!