FashionNova X Doodles Drop

You know how FashionNova collabs with semi-famous people to do limited edition drops

We could pitch to them for the first limited edition Doodles drop with a line of clothes for men and women that have doodles pastels and designs on them or even inspired by our traits, like the puffer jackets, bucket hats, bandanas etc

Would be a cheap barrier to entry for a lot of people and could potentially get some serious Instagram publicity though it. Overall great exposure for doodles

Financials comes down to FashionNova negotiations, however us providing the IP and maybe only taking a small% (like 10% or less) of profits as return into DoodleBank could be enticing for them to collab and make the drop happen
They get $$$
We get great exposure and publicity we might not have had before as a brand benefit (also potentially some $)

Also it would just be pretty cool to buy some doodles x fashionnova stuff at a decently affordable price

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Doodles x ____ fashion brand seems like a given. How do we choose the right fashion brand? How do we approach them? :thinking:

so FashionNova is like a fast fashion brand of its own, very popular especially amongst the Instagram crowd

Reason why we should as mentioned above is their usually low prices (compared to other well known brands) and the exposure it could get around Instagram

This is not to say doodles cannot collab with other brands too… I just think this one would be super cool and really good publicity

we can make this happen.

when it comes to fashion merchandising, i think we want to explore our collective breadth of creativity before focusing on the revenue opportunity at hand

maybe before we approach retailers we can collab with individual designers to come up with rad concepts of what Doodles fashion could be

just my 2c


I agree that this is a low-barrier entry for retail to gain exposure to Doodles art and this is something to consider way down the line. But, firstly, I think about the association I want people to have with Doodles as a premium brand.

FashionNova is highly marketing-centric and I’ve read mentions of sacrifice in quality of material and the production process. There’s no hurry to maximize revenue for us currently and I agree with Poopie’s sentiment of exploring more creative venues through highly-regarded artists.

Starting as a premium brand, then trickling down to the masses is much easier than the other way around.

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Appreciate the input
And I do agree maybe marketing doodles as more premium designer style brand could be more beneficial
Seems like most of the comments feel this way
We can just boycott the idea as a whole