Free mint derivative (collection of 1333 pieces)

Like Cool Doodles who have applied here, we created a similar derivative that will consist of existing (modified) and entirely new traits.

We are a take on Cats, and have plans to alter our artwork further.

We actually spoke to the Cool Doodles team on Twitter briefly and they seem great!

The project we are launching is called “coot cats”

Find our twitter and discord here:

We do not anticipate any problems with cool cats or doodles; we are reaching out to their communities and are being transparent about how they positively influence our work. We are offering WL spots to some of their users and are actively promoting their brands this early in the project. This is a free mint and it enables those who are priced out of these projects to have a chance to own similar artwork, which is our overarching aim - inclusivity and opportunities for everyone.

The project is a free mint and will be on a smart contract of course. We will give active and engaging community members WL spots along with offering some to Doodles and Cool Cats holders.

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